Blue Air
Blue Air is the first Romanian airline that operated low-cost flights with 100% Romanian private capital.

The company flew for the first time on Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (located at 10 km from the city centre) on December 13th, 2004.

The aim of the Blue Air Company is to transform air transport into a service accessible for all categories of passengers.

Blue Air is authorized to operate scheduled domestic and international commercial flights, chain charter flights in cooperation with tour operators and ad-hoc charter flights.

2. Fleet

At present, the Blue Air fleet consists of seven modern aircrafts, Boeing 737, four 737Ò300 series and three 737-400, with capacities between 136 and 189 seats.
At the end of June a Next Generation Boeing 737 - 800 series aircraft will join the fleet.

The Next-Generation 737 family is the most technologically advanced airplane family in the single-aisle market. The Next-Generation 737's market success is confirmed by air finance investors, who consistently rank it as the most preferred airplane due to its wide market base, superior efficiency and lowest operating costs in its class.

In December 2008, a new Next-Generation 737-800s Boeing aircraft will be delivered.

Blue Air has contracts with the Boeing company for 5 Next Generation aircrafts, 2 are 800 series and 3 are 900 ER series.

3. Crews

BLUE AIR crews consist of the most experienced pilots and flight attendants in Romania. Most of BLUE AIR pilots have an experience of over 10,000 hours of flight on various types of aircrafts, with air carriers famous in Europe, successfully operating in the entire world. Our pilots include those who have the longest experience in Romania on Boeing 737, i.e. over 10 years on this type of plane. Blue Air?s flight crews are licensed pursuant to the requirements provided by European Regulation JAR-FCL 1 (Joint Aviation Requirements - Flight Crew Licensing) which guarantees the highest safety and professionalism standards.

4. Safety

Our aim is to ensure the safety of the air transport for our clients according to the national and international rules.
In order to ensure the safety of the air passenger transport, Blue Air went through a complex authorization process according to the European legislation JAR Ò OPS 1 and JAR Ò 145. This process performed under the coordination of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority proved that Blue Air is qualified for air passenger transport at the highest safety standards.

After several inspections of its aircrafts, Blue Air was classified as entirely compliant with the safety regulations of SATA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft), which proves the permanent concern of Blue Air for the safety and comfort of its passengers.
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