Deloitte - International Tax and Business Guides
The increasing number and variety of business transactions undertaken by companies in today's global economy create both challenges and opportunities. Whether you are a company that already operates in multiple jurisdictions or whether you are looking to expand globally, having access to accurate and timely information on taxation and other business issues is critical to your success.

Let our International Tax and Business Guides help you better understand the complexities involved in doing business around the world. The Guides, which are designed for businesses that operate in a crossborder context, provide essential information on the latest legislative and regulatory changes and operating conditions in more than 50 jurisdictions.

The Guides provide information on:

Investment climate
Business and regulatory environment
Choice of business entity
Corporate and individual taxation
Employment law
Entry requirements

The Guides are supplemented by the Snapshot series, atÒaÒglance summaries of vital information, including tax rates, key economic indicators, and the business and financing climate for nearly
100 jurisdictions.

The International Tax and Business Guides and Snapshots have been developed by the tax professionals of the member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in co-operation with the
Economist Intelligence Unit.
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