How to Export to Sri Lanka
Customs Information & Import Documentation: Standards


The Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) sets product standards in Sri Lanka. The SLSI has three certification schemes: process, product, and import/export. There are over 1200 standards relating to manufactured products, agricultural commodities, industrial raw materials, and production processes; however, only about 30 of them (mainly on building materials, household electrical items, food and consumer products) are mandatory. Sri Lanka has adopted ISO 9000 series standards on quality management and assurance, ISO 14000 standards on environment management systems, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) assurance for food safety standards, and Good Management Practice Certificate (GMP).

A mandatory SLSI import inspection scheme applies to approximately 85 products identified on the basis of national safety and health requirements. The scheme guarantees the quality of these imported items against the relevant Sri Lankan standards. A quality certificate or national certification mark demonstrating compliance with the relevant Sri Lankan standard should accompany any product subject to the import inspection scheme when exported to Sri Lanka.

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