INCORE Internet Country Guides
Criteria for inclusion in the INCORE Internet Country Guides

Each guide lists sources which have unique, relevant and preferably substantive content relating to ethnicity and/or conflict in the country/region concerned.

The guides do not list sources whose material is available at other web sites. Thus, large numbers of users put together sites which provide, in slightly modified form, statistics available through the CIA World Factbook, to take one example. Such sites are not included.

There is a large quantity of information available about countries where conflict is taking place which is not directly relevant to the conflict - tourist information for example. This is not included. Information should be concerned as closely as possible with ethnicity and/or conflict.

We prefer sources with substantive information, that is sources that provide actual information rather than information about information, however the latter are not always excluded. Our list of prime sources are essentially lists of sources with the greatest substantive content.

These are the criteria for inclusion in this guide. Our current policy is that items will not be assessed for political 'acceptability' but only according to the criteria above. If an anti government group involved in a conflict has put up material about their organisation we consider that to be relevant, however biased. If a government involved in a conflict has put up material about that government we consider that to be relevant, however biased. This means that the guides include links to sites which many find offensive but which are included because they provide unique, substantive, relevant content. For further information on this please read our warning about information included in these guides.

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