International Travel Safety Information for Students
International Travel Safety Information for Students

We wish all students who travel abroad a well-deserved vacation. We also want to help them avoid the many mishaps that can turn a vacation into a nightmare.

Find more information about how to stay safe this Summer/Spring Break, including how to register your trip with our embassies abroad:

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All persons - including U.S. citizens - traveling by air from Canada , Mexico , the Caribbean , and Bermuda , must have a passport to enter the United States. This is true even if the foreign country visited does not require a passport for entry. Since it can take several weeks to obtain a passport, students are urged to apply now. Information about how to obtain a U.S. passport, and about traveling abroad, is available on the Department of State's website at .

Although this new requirement applies only to air travel at this time, we encourage all Americans traveling abroad to have a passport.
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