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Updated 3/16/10

Aeronautical Charts - U.S. (SkyVector)
American FactFinder (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
Atlas - Great Britain (
Atlas - World (Expedia)
Atlas - World (Google Earth)
Atlas - World (Google Maps)
Atlas - World (Holt, Rinehart and Winston)
Atlas - World (Live Search Maps)
Atlas - World (MapQuest)
Atlas - World (Multimap)
Atlas - World (National Geographic Map Machine)
Atlas - World (World Sites Atlas)
Atlas - World (Yahoo Maps)
Atlas of the Biosphere (University of Wisconsin)
Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Blue Marble (NASA)
Buying Maps - Links to Map Dealers (PCL Map Collection)
Cartographic Reference Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Cartography - Calendar of Events and Calendar of Exhibitions (John W. Docktor)
Census Maps (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
CIA World Factbook
City Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Climate Data - (National Climatic Data Center)
Color Landform Atlas of the United States (Ray Sterner)
Countries - Official List (U.S. Department of State)
Country Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Digital Chart of the World Data Server (Pennsylvania State University Libraries)
Distance Calculators - Links
Earth and Moon Viewer (John Walker)
Earth From Above Online Exhibit
Earth From Space (NASA)
Earth Observation Magazine - Archived Issues
Earth Science Web Resources (University of Texas at Austin - Geology Library)
Earthquake Activity - Recent [includes location maps] (USGS)
Earthquake Information and Maps (National Earthquake Information Center)
Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change (USGS)
Elecronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
Environmental Maps (UNEP/GRID-Arendal)
Europe Atlas [German interface] (Falk-Online)
Flood Maps (FEMA)
Flood Maps - Historic (FEMA)
Gazetteer - Australia Place Name Search (AUSLIG) Location maps
Gazetteer - Canada - Geographic Names of Canada (Natural Resources Canada) Location maps
Gazetteer - Central and Eastern Europe (ShtetlSeeker) Location maps
Gazetteer - U.S. (U.S. Geological Survey)
Gazetteer - World - Find a Map (Expedia) Location maps
Gazetteer - World (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
Gazetteer - World - Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Gazetteer - More Gazetteers (University of Washington Libraries)
Geocodes - U.S. ( - U.S. Government portal for maps and data
Geodata Information Sources (University of Iowa)
Geographer's Craft (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Geographic Names Information System (USGS)
Geography (About.Com)
Geologic Map of North America - Database [GIS data] (USGS)
Geological Maps Online - National Geologic Map Database (USGS)
Geospatial and Statistical Data - Scholar's Lab (University of Virginia)
Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (USGS) and Other Clearinghouse Participants
Geospatial Datasets (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Geospatial and Statistical Data Center (University of Virginia)
GIS Data Depot (Geocomm)
GIS Information and Links (Stanford University)
GIS Internet Resources (U.S. Army)
GIS - WebGIS Data
Google Earth
Google Earth Library
Google Maps
GPS/GIS Waypoint Databank (
Historical Map Sites
Humanitarian Early Warning Service (HEWS)
Ice Age Atlas (Jonathan Adams)
Independent States and Dependencies (U.S. Dept. of State)
Institut Geographique National (France)
International Boundaries Research Unit (Durham University)
International Map Trade Association
Internet Resources for Geographers (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Latitude and Longitude - Links
Library of Congress Geography and Map Division
Live Search - Maps (Microsoft)
Lonely Planet WorldGuide
Make a Map (Online Map Creation)
Make a Map (Planiglobe)
Make a Map [color coded state maps] (Texas A&M University)
Map Dealers - Links (PCL Map Collection)
MapForum.Com Periodical for antique map collectors
Map Glossaries and Guides - Links
Map History and History of Cartography Gateway (Tony Campbell)
Map Librarian's Toolbox (WAML)
Map Libraries (ETH Libraries Zurich)
Map Libraries (John R. Borchert Map Library)
Map Machine (National Geographic)
Map Projections - Links
Map Room: A Weblog About Maps
Map Scale - Links
Map Societies Around the World (Utrecht University)
Map Stores (University of Texas Map Collection)
Map24 U.S., Canada, Europe, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States
Mars Express Image Browser (European Space Agency) [requires Flash]
Mars - Images of Mars (DLR German Aerospace Center)
Mars - Interactive Map (Google Maps)
Mars - Map (Malin Space Science Systems)
Mediterranean Oceanic Database (GHER)
Mineral Industry Maps of Countries (USGS)
NASA Earth Images (NASA Visible Earth)
NASA Earth Observatory
NASA Earth Observatory - Natural Hazards
NASA Earth Observing System
National Atlas of the United States (
National Geographic Society - Maps
National Geographic Society - Xpeditions [online maps]
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (U.S.) (formerly National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
National Map (USGS)
National Map Viewer (USGS) and National Map - Information
Nautical Charts - Historical (NOAA)
Navteq - U.S. Street Directions and Maps
Ocean Floor Maps (National Geophysical Data Center)
Oddens' Bookmarks: More than 22,000 Map-Related Links
Oil and Gas Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
One Planet, Many People [Downloadable Atlas from UN Environment Programme]
Open StreetMap User edited map of the whole world
Outline Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Oxford University, Bodleian Library Map Room and Their online maps
Places in the News (Library of Congress Geography and Map Division)
Population Density and Area, by Country (Hive Group)
Rand McNally
ReliefWeb - Maps
Road Map Collectors Association
Route Planning Map Sites (PCL Map Collection) Our links to route planners for North America, Europe and Australia
Royal Geographical Society
SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Satellite Images Online (GeoEye)
Satellite Images Online (NASA Image eXchange)
Satellite Images Online (NASA Visible Earth)
Satellite Images Online (TerraFly)
Satellite Images Online (Terra Server)
Sea Level Rise - Interactive Map (
September 11 Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (NASA)
Society of Cartographers
Solar System Maps (NASA)
Space Shuttle Imagery (GeoCommunity)
Springfield, USA
Star Atlas (Andrew L. Johnson)
Star Maps (John Walker)
State Map Sites (PCL Map Collection)
Strange Maps Weblog
Sun and Moon Rise and Set Calculators (U.S. Navy)
A Tapestry of Time and Terrain (U.S. Geological Survey)
Terra Server Satellite Imagery Database. Includes online USGS topo maps and relief maps.
Texas Map Society
Theme Park Maps
Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Cultural Sites (Getty Information Institute)
Tides - Links
TIGER Home Page (Census Bureau)
Time Zones - Links
Topographic Maps Online (ACME Mapper)
Topographic Maps Online(Digital Data Services) [Requires Google Earth]
Topographic Maps Online (Libre Map Project)
Topographic Maps Online (
Topographic Maps Online (Terra Server)
Travel and Tourism Sites for U.S. States
Travel Information Links
Travel Route Planning Sites Our links to route planners for North America, Europe and Australia
Tsunami Maps and Satellite Images - Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami - December 26, 2004
UFO Maps
United Nations Cartographic Section - Maps
U.S. Board on Geographic Names
U.S. Census Bureau - Tiger Home Page
U.S. Census Bureau - Gazetteer
U.S. Geological Survey Home Page
USGS Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs
USGS Earth Explorer Product Finder
USGS National Water Conditions
USGS Publications and Data Products
USGS Search Engine
USGS Water Resources Information
USGS What Do Maps Show? Teaching Package
Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps (Philip Hoehn)
Visible Earth (NASA)
Volcanoes (Earth's Active Volcanoes)
Weather Map Sites
West Nile Virus Map Sites
Western Association of Map Libraries
Where to Buy Maps - Links to Map Dealers (PCL Map Collection)
Wikimapia User edited map of the whole world
World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images (William Bowen)
World Wind Viewer (NASA)
Yahoo Geography Links Page
Yahoo Maps Links Page
Yahoo Maps (U.S. and Canada)
Zip Code Mapper (John Coryat Systems)

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