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The prime reason behind the urge to explore and map the whole world can be found in the unending human quest for knowledge which has led to immense strides in the fields of science and civilization. The world map on this page represents the seven principal oceans and the seven continents together with their political divisions which affords an overview of the entire earth. The three-dimensional surface of the earth is represented on a two-dimensional plane in this world map. The page also lists various world maps developed on extensive geographical, political, historical, economic and miscellaneous themes catering to specific needs of the map users.

The comprehensive list includes continent centric maps, detailed world political maps, world outline map, world physical map, demography maps and world geography maps. Some of the most unique themes, include the concept of world time zones represented on a world time zone map, world economy maps representing worldwide economic classification of countries, world export map, GDP per capita growth world map. World travel maps provide detailed information on the hottest travel destinations around the world. There are also highly detailed maps, as for instance, the world airport location maps which would be immensely useful to travelers around the world.
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