New Iraq
RFE/RL’s mission is to provide uncensored news and information in countries where a free press is either banned by the government or not fully established.

News For People Who Need It
RFE/RL journalists provide what many people in our broadcast region cannot get locally: responsible discussion and open debate of local and international news, politics, history, culture, religion, arts, and literature.

On The Front Lines In The Battle For Free Speech
RFE/RL reporters are on the front lines of the fight for media freedom in their countries, many of which have experienced a significant erosion of democracy and journalistic freedom in recent years. This means many of our journalists put themselves at great risk to do their jobs.

20 Countries, 28 Languages
RFE/RL broadcasts in 28 languages to 20 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, and the Central Asian republics (see map). It is one of the most comprehensive news operations in the world. Headquartered in Prague, RFE/RL maintains 19 local bureaus and more than 750 freelancers.

Regional Expertise
Thanks to its network of local bureaus and freelancers, RFE/RL is a unique source of information about many of the world's political hotspots. Our journalists and experts are regularly featured in the international media and our Washington, D.C. and Prague offices regularly host briefings and special events.
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