Rai International
Rai International
Rai International broadcasts, throughout the world, the best of the programmes of Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, as well as original programmes made for Italians who live abroad and for all those who have a family link with our country or want to know more about Italy.

Since its inception in 1995, Rai International has worked under an agreement with the Italian government in order to develop the presence of public service in international radio and television broadcasting. Rai International also strives to meet the demands for information and services from Italian communities abroad.


Rai International broadcasts by satellite 3 television channels which vary according to the different geographical targets.
Rai International distributors broadcast the signal in different ways (via cable, over the air, etc.). You must contact them to become a subscriber.
For more information, go to the Tv or Distribution section.

Rai International broadcasts on medium wave, by Raitalia Radio and in some countries also by means of local radios.

On this site Rai International publishes in real time all the information on the programmes and on the distribution of the signal, and transmits two radio programme schedules. Rai International also produces the Italica site, devoted to the promotion of Italian language and culture.
The two sites are operated by the Rai International Internet Group.


- The first objective, more institutional, is to spread and promote, in the most efficient and complete way, the knowledge of Italian language and culture, at the same time providing users with a forum and means for communicating;

- the second, more commercial, is to represent the RAI name in the best possible way and to defend the competitiveness of the Italian product in the complex international radio and television market.


Rai International aims to achieve these objectives with a rich and articulated range of programmes thanks to the great variety of the Rai product. It is also oriented towards a strong identity as a
public service channel, immediately recognisable among the hundreds of available channels.

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