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The Roman Forum is a publishing initiative of Walueurope Srl, an Italian communications company that provides print and online solutions and Anthony Smith, a British journalist who has been working with the company since 2001.

The Roman Forum's editorial content is developed by the Managing Editor (Direttore generale) Chiara Di Pietro and the Editor-in-chief (Capo redattore) Anthony Smith.

The Roman Forum's editorial team is made up of native English speaking journalists who have lived and worked in Italy for several years, with the support of local Italian journalists. Our contributors - both foreign and Italian - offer a wide range of specialised knowledge about local art, history, sport, cuisine, leisure, fashions, entertainment and the international community in Rome.

The print edition of The Roman Forum is assembled each month by Walueurope's Art Director Eugenio Catalano.

The Roman Forum has an independent sister paper in Florence, The Florentine, which provides news and views about the Tuscan capital.

The ideas and opinions expressed by external contributors to The Roman Forum are their own and do not in any way reflect those of the editor or the publisher.

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