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About Us

Helping Students & Young People Experience the World
STA Travel is the world's largest student travel organization helping students travel in over 90 countries.

We offer real value and flexibility, as well as genuine advice and first-hand experience. We are dedicated to providing young people with products and services that make travel fun, affordable, and safe.

Why Do We Do It?
Because we believe travel changes peoples lives for the better.

STA Travel will change the way people think about travel and in doing so will make a positive contribution to the lives of millions.

Who Are We?
The travel company of choice for over six million people worldwide.

Our customers come to STA Travel because our brand and people deliver the experience. While every customer is an individual, our market has much in common. Students are young and well educated. They love to travel. They have high hopes for their future world. Once they take their first trip, they will be on the road throughout their whole lives.

Travel for them is an experience; a time to study and work, learn and enjoy.

They want to feel good about the people they buy from -- not only financially secure, but knowing that they are really getting what they want; the best advice and the most suitable products tailored for them.

We recruit bright young people and we aim to promote internally. Our success has been built on giving our best people opportunities to take on significant leadership roles within the company. Our management team is young and dynamic and they are given authority to develop local markets and run the business like their own.

We want our people throughout the world to enjoy the benefits of being part of a global company. We give them opportunities to travel and experience STA Travel in other parts of the world through our global programs, and we make global job opportunities available to them.

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Where Are We?
As close as we can be.

We want to give customers a choice of channels --walk-in retail, call centers, and the Internet -- to enable them to contact us and transact from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Coming online now is a single global IT operating system and infrastructure that will connect 6 million customers from over 80 countries to more than 3000 staff.

This project is called BLUEe and it represents the largest investment ever made by STA Travel.

BLUEe will deliver a single sales and booking system to every STA Travel point of purchase backed by a single network, infrastructure, finance, and reporting system. The benefits to our customers, our staff, our partners, and suppliers will be immense.

It is our firm belief that giving customers convenient access to products and services via a mix of channels, together with trusted professional advice, will be a requirement of this market.

We also have distribution partners from Venezuela to Vietnam who, like us, are market specialists; supported by STA Travel through the quality of our brand and our products. Our partners develop the markets they know best, working to match our exceptionally high standards of business and customer care. They help to extend the range of points where STA Travel tickets can be bought to 1500 locations and 80 cities.

Our Core Products & Services
Flights: We have special agreements with over 100 airlines and the STA Travel Blue TicketÙlies at the core of our business.Using our own tickets, we are best able to meet the needs of the market -- both to create new products and to use our own resources rather than those of airlines, to give advice and to provide changes when necessary to their flight arrangements.Specially-bonded contracts supported by the company's bankers provide total security for both partners and customers.
Land Product: Our in-house IBS (International Booking System) Department contracts and distributes over 1500 global land products for the whole STA Travel group. IBS is a strategically siginificant and growing part of STA Travel's business and aim to be the world's leading supplier of land products to the student, youth, and related market segments.
Insurance: We have developed insurance products with partners which cater specifically for our market and a range of specialist land products including working holidays, language schools, adventure travel, and study abroad schemes.

Support: Added security is given to all of our customers through our worldwide network of travel help branches, in 80 countries, giving on-the-spot support to STA Travel Blue TicketÙholders.
Cards: Many of our customers hold an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), or International Teacher Travel Card (ITIC). Backed by UNESCO, these cards reward students, youth, and teacher status by providing value offers and discount opportunities. All cards are regulated by the International Student Travel Confederation of which STA Travel is a leading member.

How Do We Operate?
As local as possible, as global as necessary.

The STA Travel business is organized to ensure we are as responsive as possible to the needs of each individual customer. Sales and marketing are totally under local management control. The operating structure of the company is simple -- we delegate as much autonomy, responsibility, and authority as close to the action as possible.Our customers also want global coverage, security, and advice, so we provide global support and solutions when that can improve their experience.We call this management philosophy "as local as possible, as global as necessary."

Where Are We Going?
Building a global brand that defines travel for young people.

With great people, culture, and worldwide presence, we have the chance to take STA Travel to a unique and exciting level of strength and opportunity.

We want to be THE global brand of travel for student and young people.

To reach our ambition, the STA Travel business is being "fine-tuned" to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of our customers. STA Travel is implementing a strategy called One Company that is evolving business operations to align with customer needs across the world.

We bring our best people together in global teams to develop and deliver a single supplier strategy, one service standard, one set of operating standards, and guidelines for management of our corporate identity.

Since we began in 1979, STA Travel has been wholly owned by Diethelm Keller Holding Ltd., a Swiss private company founded over 100 years ago. Its stability of ownership, commitment to reinvestment in business, and conservatism in accounting policies have been a significant factor in protecting the growth of STA Travel in a marketplace which is subject to significant changes of fortune.

STA Travel Branch:
Branches are 100% owned by STA Travel to service the specific needs of students and young travelers.

STA Travel Partner:
STA Travel partners operate under their own brands and represent some of STA Travel's products and services.

STA Travel Franchise:
STA Travel Franchises are owned by close partners of STA Travel and trade under the STA Travel brand. Franchises operate to service guidelines defined by STA Travel.

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Travel Help information for STA Travel Blue TicketÙholders, Travel Help branch locations and contact details, as well as STA Travel branch, franchises and partner locations and contact details.

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