Sikania, A monthly magazine about culture and tourism in Sicily, it is 22 years old. Each issue is a volume to be collected and to be consulted again and again – as is shown by the continual requests for back issues. The articles on the historical-cultural reality of our island, the trekking itineraries, the dates with folklore and the information on the tourist structures are always up-to-date. Sikania, a bilingual monthly (Italian and English), is an important container of news today, useful to those who love visiting Sicily and an instrument for study and research.

Management, editorial board and administration
piazza Don Bosco, 6
90143 Palermo
tel. 091 543506 pbx
fax 091 6373378 -

Publishing company

Giovanni Castellucci

Managing director
Maria Cristina Castellucci

Lorenzo Lo Monaco

Publishing manager
Hanne Carstensen

Graphics and layout
Elena Castellucci (Director)
Carla Costa Silva
Giovanna Lo Bue
Silvia Todaro

Web Master
Giuseppe Stassi

Hanne Carstensen
Denis Gailor

Marketing Office
Alessandro Tornambè (Manager)
Letizia Mineo (Editorial secretary)
Dino Favuzza
Rosa Celestino

Secretarial office and Subscriptions
Giovanna Vitrano


Distributor for Sicily
PROMOEDITOR - via Gen. Sirtori, 25
tel. 091 6818670- 347 6682333

Publication registered at the court in Palermo, registration no. 12 of 23 April 1985
Annual subscription (11 issues): €30/55
Overseas subscription (11 issues): €93/135
The subscription is to be made with payment to:
KREA c/cp n°17615907

Declaration of circulation
made to the Guarantor for the publication industry, under paragraph 28, art. 1 of law 23/10/96 no. 650: 37,450 copies

© Total or partial reproduction prohibited
The news and dates given are of an informative character. KREA is not responsible for possible changes or failure of events to take place

Magazine belonging to the Unione Stampa Periodica Italiana

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