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This Webguide lists stock and commodity exchanges, including those dealing in futures, options, and derivatives, as well as sources for market and stock prices and reports. New links include ECN entries for Europe as well as a new exchange in Indonesia. Overall, many links have been updated and a few are not accessible at this time.

A. Stock and Commodity Exchanges
I. United States
- National ÔAmerican Stock Exchange (AMEX)
ÔBoston Options Exchange (BOX)
ÔChicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE; parent company of the CBOE Futures Exchange)
ÔChicago Board of Trade (CBOT; parent company of the MidAm Exchange)
ÔChicago Climate Exchange (CCX; parent company of the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange and the European Climate Exchange)
ÔChicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
ÔCurrenex (currency exchange)
ÔICE (IntercontinentalExchange; incorporating the International Petroleum Exchange and the NYBOT)
ÔICE Futures US (formerly the New York Board of Trade; incorporating the Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange, the New York Cotton Exchange, and the New York Futures Exchange)
ÔInternational Securities Exchange (options)
ÔNasdaq Stock Market (merged with OMX to form Nasdaq OMX Group)
ÔNational Stock Exchange (NSX - formerly Cincinnati Stock Exchange)
ÔNew York Board of Trade, now a subsidiary of ICE, the IntercontinentalExchange)
ÔNew York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX; parent company of the COMEX)
ÔNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE; parent of ARCA; merged with Euronext)
ÔOneChicago (OCX; joint venture of CME, CBOT, and CBOE)
ÔOTC Bulletin Board
ÔPink Sheets (formerly the National Quotation Bureau)
ÔU.S. Futures Exchange (parent company of the Exchange Place Futures Exchange)

I. United States
- Regional ÔArizona Stock Exchange
ÔBoston Stock Exchange (co-owner of the Boston Options Exchange)
ÔChicago Stock Exchange (CHX)
ÔIowa Electronic Markets
ÔKansas City Board of Trade (KCBT)
ÔMinneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE)
ÔPacific Futures Exchange (ceased April 08)
ÔPhiladelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX; parent company of the Philadelphia Board of Trade; acquired by Nasdaq OMX July 08)
ÔSan Diego Stock Exchange

I. United States
- Electronic
Networks ÔBATS Trading
ÔBoston Equities Exchange
ÔBloomberg Tradebook (BTRD)
ÔBrut (acquired by NASDAQ, 2004)
ÔCBOE Stock Exchange
ÔDirect Edge (incorporating ATTAIN, October 2005)
ÔGlobeNet (GNET - acquired by Archipelago, 2002)
ÔINET (acquired by NASDAQ, 2005)
ÔNYSE Arca (formerly Archipelago; acquired by NYSE, 2005)
ÔREDIbook (REDI - merged with Archipelago, 2002)

II. Canada ÔCNQ
ÔICE Futures Canada (incorporating the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange)
ÔMontreal Exchange (Bourse de Montr»al; co-owner of the Boston Options Exchange)
ÔNasdaq Canada
ÔNGX (Natural Gas Exchange, a subsidiary of TSX)
ÔToronto Stock Exchange (incorporating TSX Venture Exchange, merger of the Alberta, Vancouver, and Winnipeg exchanges)

III. Europe ÔChi-X: an ECN
ÔEurex: The European Derivatives Market (joint venture between Deutsche Bàrse and the Swiss Exchange)
ÔEuronext.liffe (incorporating the London (LIFFE) derivatives market, and the French derivatives (MATIF) and options (MONEP) markets)
ÔEuropean Energy Exchange (EEX)
ÔInternational Petroleum Exchange: now ICE Futures
ÔICE Futures Europe (incorporating the International Petroleum Exchange)
ÔNasdaq OMX Europe (will begin in late Sep 08)
ÔNewex (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
ÔNOREX (alliance between the Nordic and Baltic stock exchanges: Iceland Stock Exchange, Oslo Bàrs and the OMX Exchanges - Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Helsinki Stock Exchange, Riga Stock Exchange, Stockholm Stock Exchange, Tallinn Stock Exchange, and Vilnius Stock Exchange.)
ÔNordic Exchange created by OMX (merger of OM [Sweden] and HEX [Finland]) - OMX merged with NASDAQ Stock Market to form NASDAQ OMX Group)
ÔNYSE Euronext (merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and Paris exchanges; merged with the New York Stock Exchange)
ÔSWX Europe (formerly virt-x and Tradepoint)

Albania ÔBursa e Tiranes (Tirana Stock Exchange)

Armenia ÔArmenian Stock Exchange

Austria ÔWiener Bàrse (Vienna Stock Exchange and Austrian Futures & Options Exchange)

Belarus ÔBelarusian Currency and Stock Exchange

Belgium ÔEuronext Brussels (incorporating the Belgian Futures & Options Exchange as well as the Brussels Exchanges)

Bosnia and
Herzegovina ÔBanjalucka Berza Hartija od Vrijednosti (Banja Luka Stock Exchange)
ÔSarajevo Stock Exchange

Bulgaria ÔBulgarian Stock Exchange
ÔSofia Commodity Exchange

Channel Islands ÔChannel Islands Stock Exchange

Croatia ÔVarazdinska Burza (Varazdin Stock Exchange, formerly the Varazdin Over-the-Counter Market)
ÔZagreb Stock Exchange (Zagrebacka Burza)

Cyprus ÔCyprus Stock Exchange

Czech Republic ÔPrague Stock Exchange (Burza Cenn?ch PapÃr? Praha)
ÔRM-SYSTEM: Czech Securities Exchange

Denmark ÔCopenhagen Stock Exchange: merged into the Nordic Exchange

Estonia ÔTallinn Stock Exchange (Tallinna Bàrs; division of OMX)

Finland ÔHelsinki Stock Exchange: merged into the Nordic Exchange

France ÔEuronext Paris
ÔMarche a Terme International de France (MATIF) is now part of Euronext.liffe
ÔMarche des Options Negociables de Paris (MONEP) is now part of Euronext.liffe

Georgia ÔGeorgian Stock Exchange
ÔTbilisi Interbank Currency Exchange

Germany ÔB˜AG Bàrsen (merger of the Hamburg and Hannover Stock Exchanges)
ÔBàrse Berlin-Bremen (merger of the Berlin and Bremen Stock Exchanges)
ÔBàrse D?sseldorf
ÔBàrse M?nchen (Munich Exchange; incorporating the Bayerische Bàrse)
ÔBàrse Stuttgart
ÔBremer Baumwollbàrse (Bremen Cotton Exchange)
ÔDeutsche Bàrse (incorporating the Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
ÔEuropean Energy Exchange (EEX)
ÔHamburger Bàrse
ÔWarenterminbàrse Hannover (Commodity Exchange Hannover)

Greece ÔHellenic Exchanges (HELEX, incorporating the Athens Exchange, Athens Derivatives Exchange, and Thessaloniki Stock Exchange Center)

Hungary ÔBudapest Stock Exchange (Budapesti Irtiktàzsde; incorporating the Budapest Commodity Exchange, September 2005)

Iceland ÔIceland Stock Exchange (Kauphàll ’slands)

Ireland ÔIrish Stock Exchange

Italy ÔBorsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange, incorporating the Milan Stock Exchange and the Italian Derivatives Market) - acquired by the London Stock Exchange, October 2007

Latvia ÔRiga Stock Exchange (R”gas Fondu Birza; division of OMX)

Lithuania ÔVilnius Stock Exchange (Vilniaus Vertybiniu Popieriu Bir?os; division of OMX)

Luxembourg ÔLuxembourg Stock Exchange (Bourse de Luxembourg)

Macedonia ÔMacedonian Stock Exchange (Makedonska Berza)

Malta ÔMalta Stock Exchange (Borza ta' Malta)

Moldova ÔMoldova Stock Exchange (Bursa de Valori a Moldovei)

The Netherlands ÔEuronext Amsterdam (see also Euronext)
Ô (Annual reports of all Dutch listed companies)

Norway ÔOslo BØrs (Oslo Stock Exchange)

Poland ÔMTS-CeTO (incorporating the Centralna Tabela Ofert - OTC market)
ÔWarsaw Commodity Exchange (Warszawskiej Gielda Towarowa)
ÔWarsaw Stock Exchange (Gielda Papier€w Wartosciowych)

Portugal ÔEuronext Lisbon (merger of Bolsa de Derivados do Porto and Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa - Oporto Derivatives Exchange and Lisbon Stock Exchange) (see also Euronext)

Romania ÔBucharest Stock Exchange (Bursa de Valori Bucuresti)
ÔBursa Moldovei Iasi (Iasi Romanian Commodities Exchange)
ÔBursa Monetar-Financiara si de Marfuri Sibiu (Sibiu Monetary-Financial and Commodities Exchange)
ÔBursa Romana de Marfuri (Romanian Commodities Exchange)
ÔRASDAQ (Piata Nationala de Valori Mobiliare)

Russia ÔAsia-Pacific Interbank Currency Exchange
ÔMoscow Central Stock Exchange (license cancelled Apr 2008)
ÔMoscow Interbank Currency Exchange
ÔMoscow Stock Exchange
ÔNijny Novgorod Stock and Currency Exchange
ÔRTS Exchange
ÔSamara Currency Interbank Exchange
ÔSt. Petersburg Currency Exchange
ÔSt. Petersburg Stock Exchange
ÔSiberian Interbank Currency Exchange
ÔUral Regional Currency Exchange

Serbia and Montenegro ÔBelgrade Stock Exchange (Beogradska berza)
ÔNew Securities Exchange Montenegro (NEX)
ÔProduktna Berze Novi Sad (Novi Sad Commodity Exchange)

Slovak Republic ÔBratislava Stock Exchange (Burza Cenn?ch Papierov v Bratislave)
ÔRM-Syst»m Slovakia (Slovenska Burza Cenn?ch Papierov)

Slovenia ÔLjubljanska Borza (Ljubljana Stock Exchange)

Spain ÔBolsas y Mercados Espa“oles incorporating the MEFF, AIAF and SENAF and the four equity exchanges:
◦Bolsa de Barcelona
◦Bolsa de Bilbao
◦Bolsa de Madrid
◦Bolsa de Valencia

Sweden ÔStockholmsbàrsen (Stockholm Exchange) merged into the Nordic Exchange

Switzerland ÔSwiss Exchange

Turkey ÔAdana Commodity Exchange (Adana Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔAnkara Commodity Exchange (Ankara Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔCeyhan Exchange of Commerce (Ceyhan Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔCommodity Exchange of Tekirdag (Tekirdag Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔErzurum Commodity Exchange (Erzurum Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔIsparta Commodity Exchange (Isparta Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔIstanbul Commodity Exchange (Istanbul Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔIstanbul Gold Exchange (Istanbul Altin Borsasi)
ÔIstanbul Stock Exchange
ÔIzmir Mercantile Exchange (Izmir Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔKirklareli Exchange of Commerce (Kirklareli Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔOsmaniye Commodity Exchange (Osmaniye Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔPolatli Grain Exchange (Polatli Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔTrabzon Commodity Exchange (Trabzon Ticaret Borsasi)
ÔZile Commodity Exchange (Zile Ticaret Borsasi)

Ukraine ÔKiev International Stock Exchange
ÔKiev Universal Exchange
ÔLugansk Agricultural Industrial Commodity Exchange
ÔPFTS Stock Exchange
ÔUkrainian Agrarian Mercantile Exchange
ÔUkrainian Interbank Currency Exchange
ÔUkrainian Stock Exchange
ÔVinnitsa Commodity Exchange

United Kingdom ÔBaltic Exchange
ÔEDX London (equity derivatives exchange)
ÔEuronext.liffe (formerly London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange)
ÔLCH.Clearnet: an ECN
ÔLondon Metal Exchange
ÔLondon Stock Exchange
ÔPLUS (incorporating OFEX)

Yugoslavia ÔSee Serbia and Montenegro

IV. Asia & Australasia
Australia ÔAustralian Securities Exchange
ÔBendigo Stock Exchange
ÔStock Exchange of Newcastle
ÔSydney Futures Exchange

Azerbaijan ÔBaku Interbank Currency Exchange
ÔBaku Stock Exchange

Bangladesh ÔChittagong Stock Exchange (see also its Internet Trading Service)
ÔDhaka Stock Exchange

China ÔChina Financial Futures Exchange
ÔDalian Commodity Exchange
ÔShanghai Futures Exchange (incorporating the Shanghai Cereal and Oils Exchange, Shanghai Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Metal Exchange, December 1999)
ÔShanghai Steel Electronic Exchange
ÔShanghai Stock Exchange
ÔShenzhen Stock Exchange
ÔZhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Fiji ÔSouth Pacific Stock Exchange

Hong Kong ÔChinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society
ÔGrowth Enterprise Market
ÔHong Kong Exchanges (Hong Kong Futures Exchange, Stock Exchange of Hong Kong)

India ÔBombay Commodity Exchange (formerly the Bombay Oilseeds & Oils Exchange)
ÔCalcutta Stock Exchange
ÔCochin Stock Exchange
ÔInter-Connected Stock Exchange of India (Association of 14 regional stock exchanges -- Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Cochin, Coimbatore, Gauhati (Guwahati), Hyderabad, Jaipur, Madhya Pradesh, Madras (Chennai), Magadh, Mangalore, Saurashtra Kutch, Uttar Pradesh, and Vadodara)
ÔMulti Commodity Exchange of India
ÔNational Commodity & Derivatives Exchange
ÔNational Stock Exchange of India
ÔOTC Exchange of India
ÔPune Stock Exchange
ÔThe Stock Exchange, Mumbai (Bombay)
ÔEDIFAR: Electronic Data Information Filing And Retrieval System (Indian EDGAR)

Indonesia ÔIndonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia; merger of Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges)

Japan ÔCentral Japan Commodity Exchange (Chubu Commodity Exchange, Nagoya Textile Exchange, Osaka Mercantile Exchange)
ÔKansai Commodity Exchange (incorporating the Fukuoka Futures Exchange)
ÔFukuoka Stock Exchange
ÔJasdaq Securities Exchange
ÔKansai Commodities Exchange (Osaka Grain Exchange, Osaka Sugar Exchange, Kobe Grain Commodities Exchange, and Kobe Raw Silk Exchange)
ÔNagoya Stock Exchange
ÔOsaka Mercantile Exchange (merger of Osaka Textile Exchange and Kobe Rubber Exchange, now merged into Central Japan Commodity Exchange)
ÔOsaka Securities Exchange (OSE)
ÔSapporo Securities Exchange
ÔTokyo Commodity Exchange
ÔTokyo Financial Exchange (formerly Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange)
ÔTokyo Grain Exchange (merged with the Yokohama Commodity Exchange, 2006)
ÔTokyo Stock Exchange
ÔYokohama Commodity Exchange merged into Tokyo Grain Exchange, 2006
ÔJapan Financials (from the yuka shoken hokokusho, the Japanese equivalent of the SEC filings.)

Kazakhstan ÔKazakhstan Stock Exchange

Korea ÔKorea Exchange (incorporating KOSDAQ and the Korea Futures Exchange)

Kyrgyzstan ÔKyrgyz Stock Exchange

Malaysia ÔBursa Malaysia (formerly Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange; parent company of Labuan International Financial Exchange, Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, and the Commodity and Monetary Exchange of Malaysia)
ÔLabuan International Financial Exchange

Maldives ÔMaldives Stock Exchange

Mongolia ÔMongolian Stock Exchange

Nepal ÔNepal Stock Exchange

New Zealand ÔNZX (formerly New Zealand Stock Exchange, incorporating New Zealand Futures & Options)

Pakistan ÔIslamabad Stock Exchange
ÔKarachi Stock Exchange
ÔLahore Stock Exchange

Papua New Guinea ÔPort Moresby Stock Exchange

Singapore ÔSingapore Commodity Exchange
ÔSGX: Singapore Exchange (Singapore Stock Exchange, Singapore International Monetary Exchange)

Sri Lanka ÔColombo Stock Exchange

Taiwan ÔGreTai Securities Market
ÔTaiwan Stock Exchange
ÔTaiwan Futures Exchange

Thailand ÔAgricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand
ÔStock Exchange of Thailand

Turkmenistan ÔState Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan

Uzbekistan ÔUzbek Commodity Exchange
ÔUzbekistan Stock Exchange (Tashkent Republican Stock Exchange)

V. Latin America and the Caribbean
Argentina ÔBolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires
ÔBolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange)
ÔBolsa de Comercio de La Plata
ÔBolsa de Comercio de Rosario
ÔBolsa de Comercio de Santa Fe
ÔMercado a T»rmino de Buenos Aires
ÔMercado a Termino de Rosario (Rosario Futures Exchange)
ÔMercado de Valores de Buenos Aires (Merval)

Bahamas ÔBahamas International Securities Exchange

Barbados ÔBarbados Stock Exchange

Bermuda ÔBermuda Stock Exchange

Bolivia ÔBolsa Boliviana De Valores

Brazil ÔBolsa Brasileira de Mercadorias (merger of the commodities exchanges of Goi?s, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paran?, and Rio Grande do Sul e UberlÇndia)
ÔBolsa de Cereais e Mercadorias de Gurupi: see SIBB
ÔBolsa de Cereais e Mercadorias de Londrina
ÔBolsa de Cereais e Mercadorias de Maring?
ÔBolsa de Cereais e Mercadorias do Estado de Mato Grosso
ÔBolsa de GÕneros AlimentÃcios do Rio de Janeiro
ÔBolsa de Mercadoria de Brasilia: see SIBB
ÔBolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (Commodities & Futures Exchange)
ÔBolsa de Valores da Bahia-Sergipe-Alagoas: see BOVESPA
ÔBolsa de Valores do Extreme Sul: see BOVESPA
ÔBolsa de Valores Minas-Espirito Santo-Brasilia
ÔBolsa de Valores do Paran?: see BOVESPA
ÔBolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro (Rio De Janeiro Stock Exchange)
ÔBOVESPA (Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Stock Exchange; integrates the regional exchanges at Bahia-Sergipe-Alagoas, Extremo Sul, Minas-Espirito Santo-Brasilia, Paran?, and others)
ÔSistema Integrado de Bolsas Brasileiras (SIBB - incorporating commodity exchanges at Gurupi, Londrina, Maring?, Mato Grosso, Recife, Santa Catarina, SÑo Paulo, and others)

Cayman Islands ÔCayman Islands Stock Exchange

Chile ÔBolsa de Comercio de Santiago (Santiago Stock Exchange)
ÔBolsa Electr€nica de Chile

Colombia ÔBolsa de Valores de Colombia
ÔBolsa Nacional Agropecuaria

Costa Rica ÔBolsa Nacional de Valores (Costa Rica Stock Exchange)

Dominican Republic ÔBolsa de Valores de la Rep?blica Dominicana

Ecuador ÔBolsa de Valores de Quito (Quito Stock Exchange)
ÔBolsa de Valores de Guayaquil (Guayaquil Stock Exchange)

El Salvador ÔBolsa de Valores de El Salvador

Guatemala ÔBolsa de Valores Nacional

Honduras ÔBolsa Centroamericana de Valores

Jamaica ÔJamaica Stock Exchange

Mexico ÔBolsa Mexicana de Valores
ÔMercado Mexicano de Derivados (MexDer) (Mexican Derivatives Market)

Nicaragua ÔBolsa de Valores de Nicaragua

Panama ÔBolsa de Valores de Panama

Paraguay ÔBolsa de Valores y Productos de Asuncion
ÔPortafolio de Valores

Peru ÔBolsa de Valores de Lima

Trinidad and Tobago ÔTrinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

Uruguay ÔBolsa de Valores de Montevideo
ÔBolsa Electronica de Valores del Uruguay

Venezuela ÔCaracas Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Caracas)

VI. Middle East
Bahrain ÔBahrain Stock Exchange

Iran ÔTehran Stock Exchange

Iraq ÔIraq Stock Exchange

Israel ÔTel Aviv Stock Exchange

Jordan ÔAmman Stock Exchange

Kuwait ÔKuwait Stock Exchange

Lebanon ÔBeirut Stock Exchange

Oman ÔMuscat Securities Market

Palestine National Authority ÔPalestine Securities Exchange

Qatar ÔDoha Securities Market

Saudi Arabia ÔSaudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul Web)

United Arab Emirates ÔAbu Dhabi Securities Market
ÔDubai Financial Market
ÔDubai Mercantile Exchange

VII. Africa
Botswana ÔBotswana Stock Exchange

Egypt ÔCairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange

Ghana ÔGhana Stock Exchange

Kenya ÔNairobi Stock Exchange

Malawi ÔMalawi Stock Exchange

Mauritius ÔStock Exchange of Mauritius

Morocco ÔCasablanca Stock Exchange (Bourse de Casablanca)

Namibia ÔNamibian Stock Exchange

Nigeria ÔNigerian (Lagos) Stock Exchange

South Africa ÔJohannesburg Stock Exchange
ÔSouth African Futures Exchange (SAFEX)
ÔShare TRAnsactions Totally Electronic (STRATE)

Sudan ÔKhartoum Stock Exchange

Swaziland ÔSwaziland Stock Exchange

Tanzania ÔDar-Es-Salaam Stock Exchange

Tunisia ÔBourse des Valeurs MobiliÀres de Tunis (Tunis Stock Exchange)

Uganda ÔUganda Securities Exchange

West Africa ÔBourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres (Regional Stock Exchange for West Africa)

Zambia ÔLusaka Stock Exchange

Zimbabwe ÔZimbabwe Stock Exchange (offline 23 May 08)

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