The American
The American
The American is an independent general interest monthly magazine produced in Rome. It is published by GSW Editore s.r.l., a Rome-based limited company whose majority owner is journalist Christopher P. Winner.

The print edition is distributed on a limited basis throughout Italy as well as to Milan and Rome subscribers of the International Herald Tribune newspaper.

The American takes its name from the Rome Daily American newspaper (1945-1984). It is a non-partisan, general-interest monthly dedicated to giving Italy's English-speaking residents and foreign readers insight into Italian national culture, politics and lifestyle. The magazine is not connected to or subsidized by any U.S. institution or government agency. Funding is derived exclusively from advertising and sales.

The American uses the work of a variety of professional journalists and photographers based in Italy and elsewhere. Information on their background is available under The Team on the home page. Direct marketing inquiries to Story ideas may be sent to The same address may be used for general queries and letters.

In Italy, The American is available on national newsstands that stock international media. It is usually available in city center kiosks and has a cover price of €2.50. To locate a kiosk that sells the magazine, call Messaggerie Internazionali’s toll free number, 800.827.112 (only in Italy.) For further information, call +39.06.808.4993.

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