The International Student Identity Card
What is the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?

ISIC is the only internationally accepted student ID card and proof of current student status in existence. There is also the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) and the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC). These cards provide a world of benefits and services to the nearly 3.5 million people worldwide every year. More than an ID card, they also offer:

Discounts to more than 33,000 locations in 103 countries
Mobile phone and a calling card communications package
Insurance plan
Emergency help line.
These benefits are exclusive only to U.S. cardholders.


The International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) is an international non-profit member association established in 1949 and is the governing body of ISIC. In the 1950s, student leaders in a post WWII era had envisioned a concept of a single internationally recognized student identity document to promote international understanding through international travel and educational exchange opportunities.

Introduced in 1968, ISIC was made a reality to facilitate this vision and designed to create opportunities and aid travel for students through access to information, support systems and discounts and benefits. Today, ISIC not only offers these services but a range of innovative uses in different countries such as co-branding, bank and credit card features and other high-tech card capabilities.

Mission Statement

ISICÌs aim is ÷Ïto help facilitate student mobility, educational exchanges and travel, and encourage the dissemination of knowledge of other lands, culture, and systems so as to increase international understanding.

- ISIC Association Constitution

Relationship with UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is an entity that promotes international co-operation among its 191 Member States and 6 Associate Members in the fields of education, science, culture and communication. UNESCO shares a close relationship with ISTC, endorses ISIC and recognizes it as a unique document that is the official internationally recognized proof of student status. ISIC, ITIC and IYTC also feature the UNESCO logo.

STA Travel and Licensing Authorities

Each country that issues ISIC has its own licensing authority. STA Travel, Inc. is the licensing authority for ISIC in the U.S. since acquiring it from Council Travel in 2002. The STA Travel Group is actively involved with ISIC globally and has licensing authorities for ISIC in other countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.
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