Valley Life
Valley Life
Valley Life is an ambitious project aimed at social and cultural promotion in the"Alto Tevere Umbro" and in the "Valtiberina Toscana".The initiative provides the diffusion of a monthly magazinein English and Italian and is integrated by the edition of this web site.

The Simone Bandini Advertising agency,has sole to the publication of Valley Life, edited by Simone Bandini Editore.The magazine aims are to connect culture with businesstherefore promoting social integration among the different local communities.

More precisely, our mission is to encourage a major participation from the intellectualand productive life of the area, and of the English-speaking and European groups residentin the Valtiberina.

Valley Life avails itself to make use of the contribution of professional writers andordinary citizens; to put it in a jolly way "those that for some reason appreciateour land in everyday life, for holydays or from a memory of a short visit".

For more details on our initiative, for requesting a copy of our magazine or for simplysending us a feed-back message, do not hesitate to Contact us

Also, if you want to write for Valley Life and collaborate with us send your articles,stories, essays, and other contributions to our editorial staff, do not hesitate toContact us and we will gladly discuss your possible collaboration.
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