Web Guide to International Business Etiquette Resources
This guide provides links to internet resources covering international business etiquette and protocol. These resources are broken up into: General, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The resources listed under the General category were selected with the intent of giving the user links to resources that provide regional and country-specific information related to business etiquette. To avoid a certain redundancy and to provide the user with as many useful and different resources as possible, the resources listed under the continental categories are not web pages found on the sites listed in the general listing. They are completely different web sites. In addition, this guide provides links to other resources that may be of interest to a user looking for information on international business etiquette. These resources provide international company directories, lists of organizations that offer consultation services for those interested in international business etiquette, and in-depth country-specific information.

Business Etiquette Resources: General

Arizona State University Libraries: International Business Etiquette- This web guide lists the print and electronic resources held by the ASU library that relate to international business etiquette. This very comprehensive guide is broken up into General, Asian Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North and South America.

Agri-Food Trade Service Canada: The International Business Etiquette Internet Sourcebook-Designed for Canadian exporters, this website provides country-specific information related to business etiquette for many countries located in different regions. The guide is broken down into regional categories. After selecting a country listed under its regional category, links are provided thatlead the user to information on the countryÌs language, business hours, holidays, overall advice for conducting business in the country, and links to resources that provide economic data. This resource also provides a list of other resources that are related to international business etiquette.
Business Culture.com-This resource is a pay service. The reports provided by this company can cost up to $100. The company will email the user an electronic report that covers the countryÌs business protocol and customs, social etiquette, and negotiating tactics. For some countries, there is more than one report, and the user has the option of choosing which report to purchase.
Executive Planet: Guidelines of Business Etiquette- This web resource provides detailed information on many, but not all, countries. For each country, the resource provides information on: negotiating tactics, business card protocol, meetings, promotional material, entertaining, appointment times, appropriate titles, dress, and conversation. Additionally, the page for each country lists links of resources that provide information about the country and its people.

globalEDGE (TM): International Business Resource Desk-Culture - This comprehensive web guide provides internet resources related to international cultural practices. This list is both general and specific, covering areas such as: Arabian business and cultural guide, international business etiquette web guides, cultural information guides, and intercultural communication guides.

International Business Etiquette and Manners- This electronic resource provides detailed information related to business etiquette for specific countries and regions. This site does not provide information for all of the worldÌs countries, but many countries are listed. For each country, the site provides an analysis of the countryÌs people and politics, as well as other societal characteristics. Further, information relative to the appearances and behaviors of the people living in the country is given. Finally, resources of books and websites for each country are included.
U.S. Commericial Service Iowa: Cultural Business Etiquette - The US Commerical Service Iowa Export Assistance center provides a web page on business customs and etiquette. The page provides examples of cultural etiquette for several countries and also lists links to other web guides devoted to international business etiquette.

Business Etiquette Resources: Asia

Asia Pulse's Guide to Business Etiquette in Asia - This guide provides country-specific information on several Asian countries and major Asian cities. Some of the topics that are included are: language, business attire, introductions, business hours, safety, telecommunications, and gifts.

Business Etiquette in Asia - This web resources provides general guidelines for doing business with Asian cultures. The information is topic-specific. The topics covered are: interviewing, business attire, office behavior, communication, introductions, and time management.
Communicaid: Indian Business Culture - This guide provides general facts related to India as well as information related to: concepts and values of the Indian culture, working practices, structure and hierarchy of Indian companies, meetings, disagreements, negotiations, titles, and female Indian business counterparts.

ChinaWindow.com: Doing Business in China - This guide offers information for anyone interested in doing business in China. Some of the areas related to etiquette covered are: the importance of relationship (Guangxi), business culture, addressing the Chinese, negotiation, meetings, business entertainment, appointments, public behavior, attire, conversation topics, attitudes toward women, gift giving, and body language.

India Business Practice and Etiquette Tips - This concise guide covers topics related to: handshaking, business cards, business behavior expectations, attire, appropriate behavior with Indian women, gifts, meetings, and business appointment protocol.

Kwintessential Language & Cultural Services: Japan - Language, Culture Customs and Etiquette - This guide provides statistical and factual information on Japan, and it covers areas related to Japanese cutltural practices and expectiations. These areas include: language, information on society and culture, the concept of "harmony", non-verbal communication, hierarchy, meeting etiquette, gifts, dining, business expectations and etiquette, communicatin, relationships, negotiation, dress, and business cards. This site also includes links to Japanese news, money, weather, intercultural business communication and history.

South Korea: Business and Social Etiquette - This general guide covers: Korean business expectations, relationships, business cards, Korean hierarchical code, communication, and social events.

Business Ettiquette Resources: Europe

Business Etiquette In Europe - This guide provides general information related to etiquette for those transacting business in Europe. It covers: handshakes, names, titles, dining, entertaining, gifts, and social taboos.
Europublic.com - While not solely focused on business etiquette, Europublic.com is an organization concerned with intercultural communication and cross-cultural practices that lead to "intercultural competence," which promotes skills in international management and international negotiation.

Ravenwerks Information Center: An Etiquette Primer for Americans - This site provides general ideas for Americans working in Europe. Some of the areas covered are dress, manners, business interaction, titles, introductions, language, organizational structure and philosophy, the blame game, meetings, and dining.

Business Etiquette Resources: Latin America

Cultural Interviews: Latin America - This resource provides videos of Latin American and Spanish business executives discussing intercultural issues related to international business. The topics covered are: negotiation, language, social situations, and scheduling & time.

Inter-American Understanding - This web site is designed to foster communication and understanding between North American and South American business people. It has links to articles covering: values in South America and North America, cultural conflicts in Inter-American relations, business styles and practices in inter-American relations, and dos and don'ts when doing business with Latin Americans.
Mexperience: Doing Business in Mexico/Mexico Business Travel - The areas covered in this guide are: business hours, dining, communication, authority and status, punctuality, language, dress, greeting, women in business, meetings, negotiation, advertising and promotion, and getting paid.


Other Useful Resources:

Business Directories
Kompass-This directory provides information on over 1.8 million companies in seventy-five countries.
LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations.com-LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations is an electronic database that offers information on close to 200,000 international companiesÌ family treesÒpublic and private parent companies affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions.

Consultation Directories
AllBusiness.com: Business Directory - This directory provides links to organizations and companies specializing in business etiquette, including international business etiquette and intercultural communication.
Business.Com: Business Etiquette Information and Training - This directory provides a list of companies that provided consultations for business etiquette, including international business protocol and intercommunication.
Open Directory: Education and Training - This directory is a comprehensive list of organizations and companies that provide services related to business international etiquette and intercultural communication in serveral countries.
SalesVantage.com: Business Etiquette Training, Protocol Training - This web directory offers a list of companies and organizations that provide training seminars on business etiquette and international business protocol.
Yahoo! Directory: Business Etiquette Consultans - This directory provides links to organizations that provide consultation to those interested in business etiquette, including organizations concerned with international business etiquette.
Yahoo! UK & Ireland: Business Etiquette Consultans - This directory also provides links to organizations that provide consultation to those interested in business etiquette, including but also adding to the organizations listed on the American Yahoo! directory.

Country Information

Central Intelligence Agency World Fact Book-The Central Intelligence Agency provides information on any country. After the user selects a country, information on the countryÌs geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues is provided.
Economist.com: Country Briefings-This public access part of Economist.com provides up-to-date information on current news related to a country and a ÏCountry ProfileÓ. The ÏCountry ProfileÓ gives a forecast of the countryÌs political and economic outlook, a fact sheet of basic data, economic data, and the political and economic structures of the country.
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