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Vivatel Bulgaria

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Company information vivatel is the trade mark under which the mobile operator BTC Mobile is operating on Bulgarian market. BTC Mobile was established in June 2004 when Bugarian Telecommunications C READ MORE

M-Tel Bulgaria

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April 2008 The company announced up to 55% lower prices for data traffic with the new M-Tel Net away tariff plan. The mobile operator lowers considerably the prices of EURODATA, DATA TRAVELLER and READ MORE

GLOBUL Bulgaria

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The beginning The whole story begins in December 2000, when Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile (CBM), 100% owned by the international company OTE S.A., has won the tender for a GSM license in Bulgaria. Th READ MORE
Cell phones in Bulgaria are rapidly overtaking land phones as many cellular phones now provide Internet access and cell phone computers. SMS, MMS and broadband are becoming standard features on cell phones. Shopping for cell phone deals, the best broadband and cell phone service will save you money and help increase your productivity.
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