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The flag of Azerbaijan is one of the national symbols of Azerbaijan republic. The colors and the size of the flag of Azerbaijan were adopted in the year of 1991. Azerbaijan flag comprises of three equivalent horizontal stripes. These three equivalent horizontal stripes of the flag of Azerbaijan hold three different colors, namely: blue, red, and green. In the centre red colored stripe of the Azerbaijan flag there is a white semi-circular moon or crescent and an eight-pointed star. The eight points of the star denotes the eight branches of the Turkic people. The blue colored stripe stands for the Turks, where as, the green is for Islam and red stands for progress.

Official Name: Azarbaijchan Respublikasy

Capital: Baku

Location: Bounded by the North, by Caspian Sea in the East and by Turkey and Iran in the South

Area: 86,600 sq. km

Official Languages: Azeri

Flag Ratio: 1:2

National Anthem: Azarbaycan respublikasinin Daviot Himni Azerbaijani National Hymn (1962)
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