Bold Beginnings is now Bangladesh’s first and leading source of Bangladesh’s news, delivered in both Bangla and English on an interactive, integrated multimedia platform for relevance and timeliness.

It is a born-again organisation, with new management, new ideas, new outlook, new visions for new generations of news-hungry cyberphiles.

It had started out in early 2005 as the country’s first web-based news agency. The agency's original architects held out the promise to deliver news fast and accurate. But living up to that promise proved tough. The business of news and the business of doing business turned out to be something beyond them.

New Lease on Life

The opportunity to go back to the drawing board came in the form of a friendly take-over in mid-2006 with boardroom changes at Bangladesh News 24 Hours Ltd, the owning company of

Toufique Imrose Khalidi, journalist and former BBC broadcaster, took over as Managing Director of the company, and the organisation remerged as

As Chief Editor, he also headed a new-look team of experienced, talented, tech-savvy, multi-tasking, high-energy staff gathered from across the profession to build a faster-moving newsroom.

Online and Making a Splash!

Our second incarnation came as an online newspaper. The idea was conceived just ahead of a five-day public holiday in late October 2006.

Facing the challenge to deliver news to the people, who would be without newspapers during the holiday, we opened our stories to all for free for the period. And born at that moment—from the early hours of October 23, 2006—was Bangladesh’s first online newspaper!

Fast and Accurate now offers a range of real-time news coverage for online readers replete with critical information to pick and click. We gather and deliver news on the Web 24 hours, with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethical journalism. We are first with news, always based on accuracy and consistency, drawing on the resources of 300 journalists and photographers around the country.

Corporate Edge

When it comes to outfitting your business with financial information, anything less than top quality info on business, trade and commerce could lead to costly errors or missed opportunities. We are trying to make sure you're able to respond quickly to new information on companies, competitors and industry—information corporate professionals know they can trust.

Live Doors offers news with a unique perspective on Bangladesh—not just on national events, but also those beyond its boundaries with an impact on the country. It is the world's window on Bangladesh, setting its sights on being the leading provider of essential news and information services to print and broadcast media, local and international, to government, non-governmental and business organisations, and to Bangladeshis at home and abroad.

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