COMFM ( manages a large website dedicated to audiovisual media and contents. This free portal indexes radio, tv channels, podcasts, videos, and musical websites. With quite a large database, we can provide countless hours of audio and video content to the internet user.

COMFM is a trademark of company, which is commercially known as (Tv-radio provides streaming solutions). These two marks (COMFM for the public, for B2B) are complementarily proposing a wide-ranged offer to the user and streamer community, because the media streamed by will be referenced in COMFM.

As of now, COMFM has referenced more than :

10 000 radio channels
3 500 tv channels
3 200 videos
1 600 music websites
500 Podcasts
and you can access them all for free!

You can stay tuned thanks to our 80,000 users weekly newsletter, which contains our newest entries and our selection.

According to Cybermetrie (Jan. 2006), COMFM adds up to 7 million pages displays and 1 million each month, which ensures our revenues with commercials.

As a third element, COMFMPRO ( provides pay quality radio news and interviews to entertainment professionals.

Our new born is BASE-CAM ( this website references every old-COMFM webcam, as this version of the site dropped them.

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