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The Canada Flag is a combination of two red vertical stripes on each side with a red colored maple leaf adorning the central white strip. The current Canadian Flag was adopted officially in the year 1965. The red and white colors on the Canada flag picture depict the national colors of Canada . The maple leaf at its heart is 11-pointed and represents the national tree of Canada. The presence of this leaf has also given another name to the Canada National Flag which is the Ï Maple Leaf Ó. There is standard act which has to be followed while making a national flag for any kind of use.

Official Name: Canada

Capital: Ottawa

Location: In the northern part of North America bounded by the United States in the south and north west (Alaska). Canadian territory also includes numerous islands the largest ones being Baffin Euesmere Victoria, Newfoundland and Vancouver.

Area: 9,984,670 Sq. km.

Official Language: English and French.

National Flag: Vertically red, white red with the white of double width and bearing a stylized red maple leaf.

Flag Ratio: 1:2

National Anthem: O Canada (1980)
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