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The flag of Cape Verde is dark blue in color with ten golden stars on it and red strip dissecting the flag in two halves. Cape Verde is a small country located in the Atlantic Ocean. The dark blue of the national flag of Cape Verde symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean and the ten golden stars represent the ten islands which the country is composed of. The red strip which passes through the white horizontal patch is the flag is a symbol of economic progress which the country aspires. The current flag of Cape Verde was officially hoisted in the year 1992.

Official Name: Republica de Cabo Verde.

Capital: Praia.

Location: Island nation in the east Atlantic off the western coast of Africa formed by 10 larger and 5 smaller islands of volcanic origin.

Area: 4.033 Sq. km.

Official Language: Portuguese.

National Flag : A blue field in the lower half of which are 3 horizontal stripes of white red and white on which are superimposed 10 yellow stars arranged in a circle.

Flag Ratio: Not Fixed

National Anthem: Cantico da Liberdade Song of Liberty (1975)
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