Center for a Free Cuba
The Center for a Free Cuba (CFC) is an independent, non-partisan institution dedicated to promoting human rights and a transition to democracy and the rule of law on the island. Established in November 1997, the Center gathers and disseminates information about Cuba and Cubans to the media, NGOs, and the international community. The Center also assists the people of Cuba through its information outreach and humanitarian programs on the island. The Center has received a 501(c)(3) exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to the Center are tax deductible.

The Center publishes articles on U.S. Cuba policy and other foreign issues. The Center also publishes special reports and participates in the debate about Cuba in the opinion pages of major newspapers. The Center also produces and distributes books and other publications in Spanish inside Cuba.

The Center also sponsors a variety of press events, academic conferences, and briefings on Cuba issues. A Conference cosponsored with the Georgetown University, University of Miami, and the Democratic National Institute on the role of the military in the transition to democracy was held in mid 2000 in Portugal. A collection of the papers presented will be available before the end of 2001.

In the News
Staff and Board Members of the Center are quoted periodically by print media and appear in TV and radio programs dealing with Cuba. Opinion articles written at the Center have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, The San Diego Union, etc. The Center responds to media queries on a regular basis.

Capitol Hill
The Center sponsors an informal Congressional staff policy dinner group. The Center distributes on a timely basis reports and information about the Cuban situation to Senators, Congressmen and their staffs. With the cooperation of Members of Congress, the Center has sponsored briefings, films, policy luncheons, a photo exhibit, a concert with award winning Cuban artist Paquito DÌRivero and other events on Capitol Hill.

Board of Directors:Mr. Manuel J. Cutillas, Mr. Filiberto Agusti, Esq., Ambassador Everett Briggs, Mr. Nestor Carbonell, Ms. Beatriz Casals, Mrs. Anita Winsor Edwards, Mr. Jeronimo Esteve-Abril, Mr. Richard J. Fernandez, Mr. Guillermo Marmol, Mr. Richard OÌConnell, Ambassador Jose Sorzano, Mr. Manuel Iglesias, Esq.

Research Council: Sergio Diaz-Briquets (Casals and Associates) * Georges Fauriol (Center for Strategic and International Studies) * Mark Falcoff (American Enterprise Institute) * Edward Gonz?lez (RAND) * Irving Louis Horowitz (Rutgers University) * Enrico Mario Santà (University of Kentucky, Lexington) * Eusebio Mujal-Le€n (Georgetown University) * Jaime Suchlicki (University of Miami)

Executive Director:Frank Calz€n

Center for a Free Cuba
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