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The flag of Congo Brazzaville which was officially adopted on 8 August 1958, by a then republic within the French Community is in the Pan-African colors. Congo Brazzaville flag was the fifth national flag to use these colors. The Congo Brazzaville flag was abandoned in 1970 and then re-adopted on 10 June, 1991. The flag is diagonally divided from the lower hoist to the upper fly in green, yellow and red colors. The yellow stripe is narrower than the other portions. The colors originated from that of the Ethiopian flag. The country's previous flag which was in use from the year 1970 to 1992 was inspired by the Soviet flag.

Official Name: Republique Democratique du Congo.

Capital: Kinshasa

Location: Bounded in the North by Central African Republic north least by Sudan East by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and lake Tanganyika South by Zambia Southeast by Angola and North West by the Republic of Congo.

Area: 23, 5, 410 sq. km .

Official Language: French

National Flag : 2:3

National Anthem: Debout Congolais Arise Congolese (1991)
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