Cuba Socialista
Cuba Socialista


CS is a magazine created in 1961, whose first editorial board was presided by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Fidel Castro Ruz, and from the beginning we could find in its pages articles and speeches of the main leaders of the Revolution.

As of 1996, it began to be published in its third epoch, from which 27 issues have been come out.

Cuba Socialista digital is not a copy of the print edition. It is composed by new articles of the latest print edition, with very outstanding works previously published, as well as the most important speeches and documents of the Partyƌs leaders. You will also find historic documents and works published in its first epoch that lasted till1967.

Furthermore you will find works of the most renowned academician of the Cuban social sciences approaching subjects related not only to Cuba but also to Latin America and the world. Likewise you will meet important debates showing different criteria about current subjects such as: the Contemporary Capitalism, the Latin .American integration, the inner changes of classes and social groups in Cuba, among others.

At present, its editorial board is made up by a group of leaders of the Party and directors and researchers of the most important Research Centers of the country.

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