Dhaka Callng
Dhaka Calling
The number of visitors to Bangladesh , coming either for tourism or for business, is on the rise. It's expected to rise further in the years ahead. Side by side domestic tourism also tends to grow.

During their stay here at the hotels, guest houses, motels or even staying with their friends or relatives, they find an acute shortage of information about the places to visit, whom to contact, where to eat, how to contact and find a right person for the right job, beside airline fares and schedules. It is an initiative to cater to this particular need to provide information not only to foreign visitors but also local residents as well.

They are trying to provide as much information as possible from Airlines to Zoos. There are information about the cultural and social happenings, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, to fashion shows – all the interesting events are regularly taking place in this publication. Published at the beginning of each month, Dhaka Calling helps all to get a complete picture of the month, ahead and plan activities accordingly.

It is undoubtedly a good medium to advertise product or services to achieve a greater mileage.

More information please visit: www.dhakacalling.com

Circulation: Print run 10,000 copies
Hotel/ Resorts/ Guest Houses/ Motels
: 3000 copies

: 500 copies

: 1000 copies

Travel Agents/ Tour Operators/ Cargo Agents/ Diplomatic Mission / UN Organisation
: 2000 copies

International Organisation
: 1000 copies

Local/ Multi-national companies
: 1000 copies

Car Rental/ Inter-City Bus/ Train
: 500 copies

Stall Sales
: 1000 copies

Printed Versions' Specification
Size of the Guide
: 8.75” X 5.5” (22cm X 14cm)

: 80 gms. Offset paper

: 170 gms. Art Card

No. of Colors
: 4 colors

Date of publication
: 1st day of every month

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