Digicel Cayman Islands

Digicel launched its mobile telecommunications service in Cayman on March 3rd, 2004.

Digicel is committed to providing the people of the Cayman Islands with state-of the art mobile phones, competitive call rates, cheaper international calls and customer service of the highest standard. Caymanians can now save up to 50% on mobile calls. Never before has it been economical for Caymanians and residents to call overseas on their mobile phone, but Digicel is offering savings of up to 38% on International calls, while pre-paid, Digicel Select rates are as low as 10c per minute. As the leading mobile service innovator, Digicel has launched with a variety of service options in Cayman. Digicel has placed Cayman on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

By investing substantially in the island, Digicel has also become a major contributor to the national economy. Digicel has created employment for many Caymanians, both directly and indirectly. From areas such as construction, retail distribution and of course telecommunications itself, the wide-reaching arm of Digicel provides and creates new jobs in this fast-pasted telecommunications sector.

It is no secret that competition forces businesses to find more creative and impactful ways of appealing to their target groups in an effort to retain existing customers and attract new ones. From a sales, marketing and technology standpoint, Digicel is changing the face of local telecommunications by providing the mobile consumer with an offering which is far superior to that of the incumbent.

Digicel raised the bar where acceptable levels of network coverage were concerned. Digicel offers 100% population coverage thus firmly establishing itself as the Number One GSM mobile provider in Cayman.

Digicel began its Caribbean operations in Jamaica in April 2001 and soon after changed the face of Jamaican telecommunications. Having acquired 365,000 customers in just 365 days, and accumulating a 57% share of the mobile phone market in just a year and a half of business, Digicel became a mobile force to be reckoned with. For more information on Digicel and it operations across the Caribbean visit www.digicelgroup.com.

Digicel has brought Caymanians a choice in mobile telecommunications - a choice that was previously unheard of in the islandÌs telecommunications history. As the new entrant into the mobile market, Digicel has shown that their commitment is without doubt first and foremost to the customers as they continue to offer pioneering products and services to the discerning Cayman consumer.
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