Fayroya Tele Faerore Islands
The Company

Faroese Telecom is the incumbent telco of the Faroe Islands, established by an act of the Faroese Parliament in 1906. In 1998, Faroese Telecom was re-organized as a limited liability corporation with the government of the Faroe Islands as the sole shareholder. Following swift liberalization of the market beginning in 1997, privatization initiatives are underway.

* The leading provider of ICT services covering traditional telecommunications as well as digital terrestrial television in the Faroe Islands
* Headquartered in T‘¯?rshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, and branch offices located throughout the country
250+ highly trained staff with international experience
Efficient organisation, strong cash flow, high solidity, high profit
Part owner of several ICT business solution companies, e.g. Formula.fo and
Norriq, Denmark

Annual Report
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