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Government of Mauritius
In its endeavour to develop Mauritius into a Cyber Island and create an ICT-literate nation, the Government has clearly identified e-Government as a key initiative which can radically transform the way the Government interacts with citizens and businesses and redefine the nature of relationships across various Ministries and departments in providing seamless, consistent and value-added public services.

The vision of the Government is to provide an effective and efficient delivery of services, on a 24/7 basis, to citizens as well as to the business community. In this respect, the Government has invested in the necessary infrastructure, namely, the Government Online Centre and the Government Web Portal as a gateway to provide Government services online.

The Government Online Centre (GOC) is the key infrastructure supporting the e-Government project. It is an independent entity equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to ensure the online delivery of Government services to citizens, non-citizens, businesses and Government round-the-clock.


The GOC is the backbone carrier for the Government Web Portal, which is the "front office" vehicle through which integrated services will be delivered to citizens, businesses and non-citizens. The Government Web Portal brings together the Government services and organises them in a way that is coherent, user-friendly and practical for the users.

Besides hosting the Government Web Portal, the GOC also supports various back-office, common and interactive applications which are provided via the Government Web Portal.


The Government Web Portal, which is the main point of entry for users to access Government information and online services, comprises of the following four sub-portals:

The Citizen Sub-Portal

The Citizen Sub-Portal is a gateway dedicated to providing information and delivering a wide range of public services to the citizens in an integrated and timely manner. This sub-portal also provides online interactive services for the following:

application for Scholarships;
application for Learner's Licenses;
application for Work Permits;
application for vacancies published by the Public Service Commission; and
application for Lump Sums.
The Business Sub-Portal

The Business Sub-Portal has been conceived with a view to providing comprehensive business information and services to the local business community, industry professionals, potential entrepreneurs, traders and potential foreign investors. This sub-portal aims at eliminating administrative bottlenecks, simplifying procedures and reducing the turnaround time for businesses, when dealing with Government departments and agencies.

The Government Sub-Portal

The Government Sub-Portal provides a gateway for the Government employees to access the various online services and for the public to obtain relevant and up-to-date information on the Government services.

The Non-citizen Sub-Portal

The Non-Citizen Sub-Portal is a platform which allows for interactions between non-citizens and the Government of Mauritius. This gateway provides, amongst others, tailor-made information and services to:
tourists visiting Mauritius;
foreigners interested to make an application for a permanent residence in Mauritius under the Permanent Residence Scheme;
foreign professionals interested to work in Mauritius;
foreign students interested to come to Mauritius for studies; and
potential foreign investors interested to invest in Mauritius.

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