Guam Law - Library of Congress
Commonwealth of Guam
(Territory of the U.S.)


* Organic Act of Guam, ch. 512, 64 Stat. 384 (1950); codified as amended in the United States Code at 48 U.S.C. ?1421 et seq.
* Organic Act of Guam and Related Federal Laws Affecting the Governmental Structure of Guam through June 11, 2001


* Guam Government
* Guam Office of the Attorney General
* Guam Compiler of Laws Division
* Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations
* Guam Department of Education


* Guam Justice Network
* Guam Supreme Court
* Guam Supreme Court Decisions 1996-
* Guam Superior Court
* U.S. District Court, District of Guam - includes calendar, forms, general order, jury information, and rules


* Guam Code Annotated (Guam. Compiler of Laws)
* Guam Legislature - includes laws from the 24th Legislature (1997) to present
* United States Code: Title 48 Territories and Insular Possessions, Chapter 8A-Guam:
o 48 U.S.C. ?1421 et seq. (Cornell Legal Information Institute)
o 48 U.S.C. ?1421 et seq. (U.S. House of Representatives)
* U.S. Representative Madeleine Bordallo


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* Georgetown University Law Library: Guam
* Guam Bar Association
* Law of the Pacific Islands: A Guide to Web Based Resources (Ruth Bird, via LLRX) April 15, 2002
* LexisOne: Guam
* University of Guam
* World Legal Information Institute: Guam (WorldLII)


* Portals to the World: Guam (Library of Congress)
* Governments on the WWW: Guam (Gunnar Anzinger)
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* WWW DIRECTORIES / PORTALS: Guam (Google); Guam (Yahoo)
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