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The flag of Guinea has vertical strips of yellow, red and green colors. The French tricolor is the inspiration behind the design of the national flag of Guinea and the colors represents a Pan African spirit. The year from which the official flag of Guinea was effective is 1958. The red color in the flag of Guinea signifies the struggle for liberation and work. The green color of the flag indicates unity and depicts the lush green foliage of Guinea. The yellow strip at the center depicts justice and resources of Guinea .

Official Name: Republique de Guinea

Capital: Conakry

Location: In Western Africa in the coast of the Atlantic bordered by Guinea-Bissau Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Area: 245,857 Sq. km.

National Flag. Three vertical stripes of red, gold, green.

Flag Ratio: 2:3

National Anthem: Liberte Liberty (1958)
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