How to Export to Canada

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Agents & Distributors 04/24/2007
Biotechnology Information Website 04/24/2007
British Columbia: International Arbitrat 03/22/2007
CA Number 04/25/2007
Canada Border Services Agency 04/24/2007
Canadian Jewelers Association 03/23/2007
Canadian Plastics Industry Association 03/23/2007
Canadian Radio, Television, & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) 03/23/2007
Canadian Sporting Goods Association 03/23/2007
Canadian Standards Association 03/23/2007
Chemicals: Fertilizers 03/27/2007
Coal Association of Canada 03/27/2007
Commercial Samples and Advertising Films 03/27/2007
Communications Research Center 03/27/2007
Computers & Software: International Technology Agreement 03/27/2007
Computers & Software: Tariffs/Taxes/Labeling on Imports 03/27/2007
Computer/Software Entry Requirements 04/19/2007
Construction - Smart Buildings 03/27/2007
Consumer & Corporate Affairs Canada 03/27/2007
Contacts: Alberta Environmental Directorate 03/27/2007
Contacts: Atlantic Trade Pavilions, Inc. 03/27/2007
Contacts: Automobile Industries Association (AIA) 03/27/2007
Contacts: Health Products 03/27/2007
Customs--Alberta Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Atlantic Region 03/27/2007
Customs--London Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Montreal Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Ottawa Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Pacific Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Quebec Region 03/27/2007
Customs--Revenue Canada 03/27/2007
Customs--Toronto Region 03/27/2007
Customs Brokers 03/27/2007
Customs Procedures for the Import of IT products and E-Commerce 03/27/2007
Customs Procedures: Gifts to Canada 03/27/2007
Customs: Automated Information Service (ACIS) 03/27/2007
Direct Marketing 03/27/2007
Documentation: Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) Requirements 03/27/2007
Documentation: General 07/26/2007
Electrical Power Opportunities in Ontario - Key Contacts 03/28/2007
Engineering: A Practical Guide to Architectural, Construction & Engineering 04/02/2007
Engineering: Other Resources 03/28/2007
Engineering: Regulations 03/28/2007
Environment: Air Quality Standards Contact 03/28/2007
Environment: Canadian Voluntary Challenge and Registry 03/28/2007
Environment: Emissions 03/28/2007
Environment: Rules for Ozone Depleting Substances 03/28/2007
Estabishing a Business: Provincial Regulations 03/28/2007
Establishing a Business: Information Websites 03/28/2007
Establishing An Office 03/28/2007
Ethnic Press Council of Canada 03/29/2007
Excise Taxes: Jewelry, Clocks and Watches 03/29/2007
Exporters of Processing Services (EOPS) Program 03/29/2007
Fashion & Apparel Industries Task Force (FAITF) 03/29/2007
Franchising 03/29/2007
Free Trade Area of the Americas 03/29/2007
Gasoline: Reduced Sulphur Levels 03/29/2007
Gifts/ Low-Value Shipments 03/29/2007
Government Procurement: Construction Industry 03/29/2007
Government Procurement: Industrial Regional Benefits 03/29/2007
Government Procurement: Regulations 03/29/2007
Health Canada: Advisory on Lead in Candle Wicks 08/23/2007
Health Canada: Advisory on Toys/Baby Products (Soft Vinyl Teethers and Viny 03/29/2007
Health Services Restructuring Commission 03/29/2007
Household Appliances - Manufacturers 03/29/2007
Household Appliances - Regulations 03/29/2007
Import Regulations 03/29/2007
Importers Database 03/29/2007
Importing a Car into Canada 11/07/2007
Importing From Canada: Manufacturers/Service Providers 03/29/2007
Industry Canada--Corporation Branch 03/29/2007
Industry Canada--Labeling 03/29/2007
Industry Canada--Spectrum 03/29/2007
Industry Canada Online 03/29/2007
Information Technology 03/29/2007
Information Technology Products: Duties/Taxes and Customs Procedures 03/29/2007
Information Technology Products: Duties/Taxes & Customs Procedures 03/29/2007
Information Technology Websites 03/30/2007
Institute of Canadian Advertising 03/29/2007
Intellectual Property: Obtaining Patent Protection 03/29/2007
Intellectual Property: Patent & Trademark Protection 04/02/2007
Intellectual Property: Trade Mark Registration Contact Information 04/02/2007
Internet: Service 03/29/2007
Investment: Restrictions 03/29/2007
Labeling and Advertising: Guide for Pet Food 04/02/2007
Labeling Requirements 07/31/2007
Labeling Requirements: Foods Derived From Biotechnology 07/31/2007
Labeling & Marking Requirements 08/14/2007
Labor: Regulations, Wages, Compensation 08/24/2006
Marking Rules 08/14/2007
Medical Device Sales 09/29/2004
Motor Vehicle Parts: Remanufactured, Rebuilt and Used 09/29/2004
Motor Vehicles: Importing into Canada 10/06/2006
NAFTA Certificate of Origin: Low Value NAFTA Statement 07/24/2007
Natural Health Products Directorate 07/25/2007
Non-Resident Importer/Importer of Record 04/27/2006
Ottawa Construction News 09/29/2004
Quebec: Investing in 07/25/2007
Repaired Goods into Canada 07/18/2005
Requirements to Market Pharmaceutical Drugs 09/29/2004
Revenue Canada--Exporter/Importer Hotline 07/25/2007
Revenue Canada--GST 09/29/2004
Services: Practicing as a Foreign Legal Consultant 09/28/2004
SGS International Certification Service 07/25/2007
Standards-Combined UL/ULC Mark 09/29/2004
Standards Council of Canada 02/01/2007
Standards: Automotive 09/28/2004
Standards: Electrical Code 09/29/2004
Standards: Pleasure Boats & Motors 01/20/2006
Standards: Regulations 09/29/2004
Tariff Preference Levels Under NAFTA/Textiles & Apparel 01/20/2006
Tariff Schedule: 2005 03/29/2006
Tariffs: Retaliatory (Beginning May 1) 04/29/2005
Tax Agencies: Provincial 01/20/2006
Tax Relief: Exports of Processing Services Program
Taxes: Federal & Provincial on Imports 04/19/2007
Taxes: VAT refunds 07/11/2006
Temporary Entry - Event Organizers: Guidance 07/25/2007
Temporary Entry of Goods into Canada under NAFTA 09/27/2004
Temporary Entry: Business Persons - NAFTA - Details 09/27/2004
Temporary Entry: Business Persons NAFTA - Overview 08/24/2006
Temporary Entry: Foreign Workers 01/20/2006
Temporary Entry: Samples 09/27/2004
Temporary Entry: Technicians 07/25/2007
Temporary Entry: Temporary Import Provisions 10/19/2007
Temporary Entry: Travel - NAFTA Entry Requirements for Management Consultan 09/29/2004
Temporary Importation using ATA CARNET 04/19/2007
Ten (10)-Digit Harmonized Tariff System Number Requirement In Canada 01/11/2005
Textiles - Regulatory Framework 07/25/2007
Trade Regs: New Regulations for Wood Packaging Materials and Pallets 08/24/2006
Trade Shows: Exhibiting Successfully 09/29/2004
Transportation: Canadian Trucks in U.S. 07/25/2007
Transportation: Trucking Industry 01/20/2006
Travel: Management Consultants
Travel: Passports & Visas 03/19/2007
Used Equipment: Regulations 01/20/2006
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemCanada

Documentation: Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) Requirements

The Canada Customs Invoice is available on website of the Canada Border Services Agency:

For Shipments Over $C1,200:
# A commercial invoice prepared by any means (typed, handwritten, telex or computer prepared), containing all the data required in the Canada Customs Invoice, or;
# A commercial invoice prepared by any means that indicates the buyer and seller of the goods, the price paid or payable,and an adequate description, including quantity of the goods; accompanied by a Canada Customs Invoice containing all other required information, or;
# A fully completed Canada Customs Invoice.

For Shipments Under $C1,200
# Canadian goods returned to Canada with a value added of less than $C1,200, and for goods that qualify for unconditional duty free entry, or goods entering under HS codes 9400, 9450 or 9810.00.00.00:
--A commercial invoice prepared by any means that indicates the buyer and seller of the goods, the price paid or payable, and an adequate description, including quantity of the goods.

For Commercial Shipments Under $C20:
# Should bear a description of the contents of the package and their value; these shipments are not subject to duties and taxes.
# Non-commercial Gifts Valued at Under $C60:
--These packages are not subject to duties and taxes but must bear a complete description of contents.

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