This website is designed as an initiative to expose Bangladesh in the outer world. Bangladesh has a good historical background in cultural as well as political area. It also had a good economic strength in the ancient days. This site is committed to express Bangladesh in the areas which has its own contribution. For an instance, recently 21st February has been declared as international mother language day. This concept was originated from the soil of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh had to fight for their own language. Bangladesh has good natural resources. Rivers are spread all over the country. Most of the people live in village. They Produce food for the whole country. This country has produced many noble people also. We have tried to cultivate most of the things with utmost care. We believe that agriculture and the harvesting of our natural resources are paramount to our nation's economic, social and political health.

The News section of this website is constantly updated to bring the top news stories from Bangladesh and around the world and it is maintained by THE DAILY COMMERCIAL TIMES, Chittagong according to the agreement held on Jan 4, 2008.

Many people confuse is related with which is an internet version of famous local newspaper "The Independent". This couldn't be farther from the truth. is not affiliated with the theindependent-bd whatsoever, nor do we share their concerns.

The is not affiliated with any political party. It started its journey to serve this nation as a truly independent newspaper.

We hope this helps explain who and what we are.

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