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Corporate Profile

Vision and Goals

Vision Statement

Kuwait Airways aims at setting the standard for customer orientation and become an admired airline to fly, to invest in, and to work for.

Kuwait Airways Goals

Product and Services:

To provide customer-oriented services that meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients.

For clients who look for best-in-class services, we provide for them a premium product.

For clients seeking value for money, we provide a reliable economy product.

Our philosophy is to be an airline with a global reach and a local touch. Our clients will appreciate our services that enhance both novelty and tradition.


To serve the entire community of Kuwait

To become the preferred carrier for inbound business travel.

To become a link for Business and Leisure travel between Eastern and Western regions.


We are an international airline. We connect the Kuwaiti economy and society with the world whenever it is economically feasible.

We are an important link. The geographic location of Kuwait allows us to link with the GCC countries, the Indian sub-continent and Asia with Europe, and the USA and vice versa.

Financial Viability:

To grow in line with the market demand in Kuwait and capture further growth opportunities in the Middle East.

To provide a viable investment opportunity to the private sector.

For us, financial viability is the key to become a trusted and respected enterprise to our investors, customers and employees.

After the Liberation of Kuwait in 1991, we proudly rebuilt Kuwait Airways. With the same spirit we look at the future and take the challenge of transforming Kuwait Airways into a profitable enterprise.


We believe that highly-motivated and well-trained employees can show distinguished performance. Therefore we empower our employees by providing rewarding career opportunities and excellent training.


To use technology to improve our product reliability, safety and on-time performance.

To use integrated Management Information Systems to support the management decision-making by providing accurate and actual information on market and own performance.


To become a catalyst for the future economy of Kuwait and the neighboring regions.

To build a strong relationship with the local community, especially with suppliers.

As the flag carrier of Kuwait, to continue to be associated with success and excellent performance.



Kuwait Prayer Time

Fajr 3:58
Shorouk 5:21
Dhuhar 11:50
As'r 15:25
Maghrib 18:19
Ishaa 19:42
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Kuwait Weather

Max Temp 48 ?C

Min Temp 28 ?C

Mon, 25 Aug 2008 1:00 am AST

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