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Kuwait's national flag officially came into being on 7 th September 1961 and was used first on 24 th November 1961. The flag has three horizontal and equal stripes of green, white and red color and at the hoisting part of the flag there is a black quadrilateral with two parallel sides. The ratio of the flag 's width to its length is 1:2. The significance of the colors in the flag are based on a poem of Al-Deen Al-Hali. According to the poem, green represents the lands, white represents Kuwait's actions, red signifies sword and black represents their battles.

Official Name: Dowlat al kuwait

Capital: Kuwait

Location: In the north western corner of the Persian Gulf land borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia Kuwait also includes several offshore islands .

Area: 17,820 Sq. km.

Official Language: Arabic

National Flag. Three horizontal stripes of green white and red with a black trapezium based on the hoist.

Flag Ratio: 1:2

National Anthem: (1978)
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