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Over four decades ago, a dream became reality when one man had a 'vision with focus'. Inspired by the need for accurate information, he established the first English language newspaper in the Arab Gulf. By doing so, Yousuf Saleh Alyan wanted to strengthen the bonds of unity between his fellow countrymen and the rest of the Arab world.

It is September 1961. The Middle East is experiencing an unprecedented series of economic, political and social transformations. Kuwait gains full independence and joins the Arab League. In neighbouring Iraq, leader Gen Abd Al-Karim Qasim resurrects Baghdad's claim to the entirety of Kuwait. There is a military coup in Damascus and the Egyptian-Syrian United Arab Republic collapses in recriminations and disarray. The pace of change provokes mass confusion and concern in much of the Arab world.

But in Kuwait, Alyan has the answer, and sees how he can serve his country, its citizens and its residents best. Thus Kuwait Times is born. Alyan's greatest desire was to serve his country by explaining the monumental changes taking place in the world and bolstering Kuwait's image abroad.

An English-language newspaper, reputable and reliable, would be the perfect mechanism for bridging the communication gap with the rest of the world. Kuwait Times has never looked back. It has grown to ensure that citizens and expatriates alike know what is happening in Kuwait and the rest of the world.

The Arab media was still in its infancy when Kuwait Times took the country by storm, offering factual and in-depth reporting on national, regional and international events. By providing the public with information about government news, plans and policies, Kuwait Times bolstered the country's image and informed and enlightened its public.

Today, it continues unflaggingly to perform this service.

Diversity for a diverse readership
In 1983, Badrya Darwish joined Kuwait Times and brought with her a vision of diversity and excellence by launching a variety of additional publications and supplements.

Kuwait Times communicated with the country's burgeoning communities by becoming the country's only multilingual newspaper, publishing in English, Urdu, Malayalam and Tagalog. A separate 16-page daily insert provides thorough coverage of the Indian and Pakistani communities in Kuwait and political and economic events shaping South Asia. The weekly Filipino Panorama pages highlight the activities and contributions of the Filipino community in Kuwait as well as key events and changes in the Philippines.

Darwish also helped develop Weekender, a special weekly full-colour insert providing information about local events, activities and entertainment news. She developed 'Junior', an exclusive pullout focusing on Kuwait's youth and offering educational content, youth news and coverage and information of school-based activities and events.

Darwish today writes the widely popular 'Conspiracy Theories' column. Covering everything from global terrorism to local government policies; from the Palestinian crisis to the treatment of domestic servants in Kuwait, 'Conspiracy Theories' probes behind the headlines to investigate who benefits and who suffers from events happening in Kuwait, the Arab region and the world.

Evolution, innovation
To succeed, newspapers like civilisations, must evolve. In the latest leap in Kuwait Times' evolution, the newspaper introduced April 1st, 2005 the first ever tabloid in Kuwait, Friday Times.
A 40-page weekly, the Friday Times is the brainchild of Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Deputy General Manager Abd Al-Rahman Alyan. Seeing the need to provide continuity to Kuwait's English-language readers, Abd Al-Rahman decided to make the newspaper a true daily by offering readers seven-days-a-week coverage, thus making Kuwait Times the only English paper to publish daily.
A first for Kuwait, the Friday Times provides an exciting mix of local commentary, news, opinion and analyses. Filled with colour pages showcasing interesting features about culture, technology, society and entertainment, Friday Times provides a relaxing read for the weekend. From Abd Al-Rahman's weekly commentary 'From The Editor's Desk' to attention-grabbing centrefold features, Friday Times takes the key issues and events of the week and examines them in depth.
An innovative idea, the Friday Times is reshaping the face of Kuwait's newspaper industry. Friday Times carries forward the heritage and traditions of its parent, the Kuwait Times by providing a forum for debate and discourse on everything from expatriate labour laws to the business and investment environment. It embodies the ideals of innovation and creativity, encouraging and inspiring the evolution that keeps Kuwait Times and the Friday Times connected to and loved by Kuwaitis and expatriates alike.
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