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The Mongolian flag was officially adopted by the new Constitution of Mongolia in the year 1992. The National flag of Mongolia is comprised of three vertical stripes which are equal in size and shape. The stripe in the middle portion is blue in color and the left and right band are red. ÎSoyombo' formed in columns, is a geometrical presentation for water, earth, fire, moon and sun is present on the left hand side of the Mongolia flag . The ÎSoyombo' represents the national logo of the flag. The red band stands for freedom, advancement and the blue color presents the sky. The symbol of fire at the top of the flag stands for opulence and rejuvenation. The sun and the moon on the flag symbolize the universe.

Official Name: Mongol Uls

Capital: Ulan Bator

Location: Mongolia is a landlocked country in central Asia it has borders with the former USSR to the north and China to the southeast and west.

Area: 1,564,116 Sq. km

Official Languages: Mongolian

National Flag: Red Sky blue red (vertical) with golden soyombo emblem in the hoist

Flag Ratio: 1:2

National Anthem: Bugd Nairamdakh Mongol (1950)
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