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The Namibia Flag was officially recognized on March 21, 1990. The flag of Namibia is diagonally separated from lower raise corner to upper fly corner by narrow white bands with a broad red streak in between. A twelve rayed sun is featured on the upper heave-side of the blue triangle. The lower fly-side triangle is green in color. The sun on the Namibia flag symbolizes power and existence. The blue color signifies the vast sky, rain and water, white stands for tranquility and harmony. Green is symbolic of plant growth and cultivation. The color red represents the valor of the Namibian people and their yearning for equality.

Office Name: Republic of Namibia

Capital: Windhoek

Location: In South Botswana, Zambia and the Republic of South Africa.

Area: 825418 Sq. km.

Official Languages: Afrikaans English

National Flag: Divided diagonally blue over green by a red white edged stripe in the canton a yellow sun of 12 days .

Flag Ratio: 2:3

National Anthem: Namibia Land of the Brave (1991)
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