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NFB was founded on Sept 26, 1996 as a Daily On Line News Monitoring Service in English. There is no print version of NFB

Original Founder Members : M. Shahmimuzzaman ( Concept & design/founding editor ), Imran Rasheed(Learn Foundation ) , Harold Rasheed ( Learn Foundation ) and Tanvir A Chowdhury (Editor )

NFB -Brief profile:

NFB is an Daily interactive On Line News Monitoring (aggregated, News Service) site in English, focusing mainly on Expatriate Bangladesh, but not limited to such. This site monitors major news events on Bangladesh, news pertaining to Bangladesh and on other important global issues . Most news are gathered from leading Dailies in Bangladesh and some from International Press. Most Articles are submitted by readers themselves as part of the interactive feature of NFB, where readers are able to actively voice their opinion and views without any form of Censorship. The idea is allow public opinion to be disseminated freely without institutional interference.

The site ( NFB ) is hosted from a server in USA. Content is updated and managed from Bangladesh.


The primary target groups are Expatriate Bangladeshis spread across the Globe, Investors, Tourist , NGOÌs and others who are interested on Bangladesh in general .

The other aspect & objective of NFB is to formulate a collective effort within the Expatriate Bangladeshi community to help Bangladesh in it's development process utilizing reverse brain drain concept Ò focusing primarily on, politics , Science &Technology, but not limiting to these fields only .

NFB has been providing a common platform for Non resident Bangladeshis to disseminate their thoughts and ideas to relevant organizations and individuals through the readers forum since 1997, whereby readers themselves sends in various news stories , , commentaries, features , scientific articles and other interesting and informative write ups, making NFB a readersÌ own news platform Ò a experiment in interactive journalism .

One of the spillover platform created through NFB is EB 2000: ,a Strategic Think Tank registered in USA as non profit organization , consisting of Bangladeshis from around the world - academics , scientists , IT professionals , Bio technologist , Business people and others . The core objective is to help Bangladesh in itÌs development efforts.

NFB also has a joint syndication Program with a Private Radio station in Bangladesh ÒMetrowave ( MWL / NFB Syndicated show ) . The program is design mainly to inspire younger generation in Bangladesh on Information Technology and feed them information on latest happenings in this sector . The Future objective is to bring in the live audio stream in the net and make it an interactive radio program in the net , conduct jointly syndicated programs, whereby listeners around the world can participate in the discussion show in the radio through the Net.

Global Amitech (Managing company )

The NFB news site is powered, managed and updated by Global Amitech. Global Amitech was initially set up as an Internet start up company in 1996 . The ICT firm is now mainly involved in web design, software development & network related work.

Strategic partners

BEN Ò Expatriate Bangladesh Environment Network Based from North America
SDSL -Structured Data System Limited Ò International Software house
Drik Picture library and Multi -Media Centre.
EB 2000- Strategic platform for Expatriate Bangladeshis Ò Based in North America ( )
Learn Foundation- Providing rural IT education in Rural Bangladesh : Major information portal & search engine on Bangladesh
Radio Metro Wave
Note:The above organizations are not responsible in any way for the contents posted in NFB

News From Bangladesh (NFB) Team :

Board of Editors: Dr. A. Jaffor Ullah , Tariq M. Mazumdar,
Editor: Tanvir A. Chowdhury
Founding Editor: M. Shahmimuzzaman
Staff Members : Tina Dias (Masum), Zakir Hussain Khan Zakir H . Mullah ,
Special acknowledgment : Mr Andrew Robinson
Technical Team :

Php engine and data base designed by : Bhuiyan. M. Iklash assisted by Md.Rajib Hossain.
Web design/ Graphics Team : Md.Rajib Hossain, Raihan Huq, Anwaruzzman (Masum), MD mahmudul Haque( Masum ), Md.Asfaq Uddin Jhuton and Shahidul Hasan Imon
Web Master : Md.Rajib Hossain
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