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The national flag of Nicaragua was officially adopted to represent the country on 4 th September, 1908. The Nicaragua Flag can be described as having three equal bands of blue, white and blue respectively from top to bottom. The three bands are arranged horizontally. The Nicaragua Flag also bears the national coat of arms at the center of the white band. The coat of arms in the Nicaragua Flag is in the shape of a triangle that is bordered by the words REPUBLICA DE NICARAGUA at the top and AMERICA CENTRAL at the bottom. The triangle in the flag of Nicaragua signifies equality. The five volcanic mountains in the coat of arms represent Central America's five original states.

Official Name: Republica de Nicaragua

Capital: Managua

Location: In Central America on the pacific bounded by Honduras in the north an Costa Rica in the South Nicaraguan territory includes the island of corn in the Caribbean Sea.

Area: 29, 494 sq. km.

Official Languages: Spanish

National Flag: Three horizontal stripes of blue white blue with the national arms in the center.

Flag Ratio: 3:5

National Anthem: Salve a ti Nicaragua Hail to you Nicaragua (1939)
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