Pacfic Mobile Comunications Co.
Digital GSM Mobile Phone System

Installation commenced in February 2000 and by June 2000, installation was completed in Port Moresby. At that time, the system was operational and capable of being put into service in the NCD but required an upgrade to the billing system before carrying commercial traffic.

Negotiations between PMC, Telikom and Nortel were successful and the contract was re-assigned after financing for the remaining contract payments was confirmed. Installation in the other centres including Lae, Goroka, Mt Hagen and Madang commenced in August and were completed in October 2002.

GSM is a vastly superior technology than the existing analogue and is the most widely used digital cellular technology in the world. Customer take-up increase considerably and exceeded the current analogue figures because the system offers the following immediate benefits such as:-

* Improved Call Performance (fewer dropouts and better Audio Quality)
* A diverse and personalised range of products and services (eg. Short Message Service, greatly increased talk and stand-by time between battery charges compared to the analogue)
* Technical compatibility with the networks of overseas service providers thus enabling international roaming that is to be eventually launched soon.

PMC launched the GSM system at the Crown Plaza hotel with the pre-paid service on 31st April 2003 with commercial traffic on 01st May 2003. The analogue system was capable of post-paid service only, and the stringent credit checks that accompanied the service resulted in penetration of only a small proportion of the potential market. The GSM system offers pre-paid service as well as post-paid with several user plans, which will permit access to a much wider section of the market. Post-paid, SMS and International Roaming will be available soon.

As at the 15th of December 2003, there are 17,700 customers. As of September 2004 the total customer base is now at 33,000

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