Palau Statistcs
Palau Statistcs
Welcome to the Office of Planning and Statistics Office Internet Website, Bureau of Budget and Planning in the Ministry of Finance. The Statistics Division is the official statistical agency of the Republic of Palau.

As head of the Statistics division, I am so grateful that you have visited our website. This website contains the key statistical indicators provided as a ‘national effort’ by the various statistical agencies in Palau. We gratefully acknowledge the support of these agencies through the provision of their statistical information. This information has been collected, compiled and processed in close cooperation with the relevant Government ministries and agencies, as well as semi-government agencies, banking institutions and non-profit institutions.

We are also grateful for the support of the US Bureau of the Census for their assistance with demographic and social statistics.

The Statistics division will make every effort to ensure the information provided in this website meet the needs of people searching for information about Palau. However, should users have specific information needs that are not currently included or suggestions as to how to further improve website, please feel free to contact [our office].

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