Prensa Latina
Prensa Latina (PL), with headquarters in Havana, Cuba, was founded in 1959 shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. After four decades of experience covering timely events in Latin America and the world, today PL offers 24-hour daily wireless news with the most updated (up-to-the-minute) current events, supported by 22 bureaus stationed overseas and over a hundred foreign contributors, mainly in Latin America.

Press, radio and TV media throughout Latin America hire our different services, while individuals and organizations from embassies to corporations access our flow of information online.

In addition to news items, editorials, commentaries and other issues of the day, on politics as well as economics, culture, science, technology and sports, the PL Website posts contents of a wide variety of publications, many of which offer complete and firsthand information on each and every aspect of Cuban life, besides a complete guide of Havana, CDs produced by our Multimedia division, and books published by the PL Publishing House.

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