Skylink Aviation Inc.
We're in the business of getting people and cargo where they need to go - on time, in any conditions.

Governments and international organizations around the globe trust SkyLink to get the job done quickly and safely, no matter how difficult the situation. In the most hostile environments anywhere, our people are supporting various non-combatant operations, including:

Emergency airlift and evacuation
Delivery of humanitarian assistance
Logistical support
Mission-critical fuel supply
We have developed local expertise and contacts in virtually every country that has required emergency support over the years, including: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Somalia, Mozambique, Angola, Rwanda, Western Sahara, Ivory Coast, Sudan (including the Darfur Region), Peru, Cambodia, all the countries ravaged by the Tsunami in 2005 and many others.

SkyLink flies over 600 worldwide charter operations per year. The governments of the United States, Canada, Iraq, Italy and organizations such as NATO, International Red Cross, United Nations and USAID all count on us to provide the reliable support they need.

SkyLink has offices in Toronto, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Lisbon, Khartoum, Baghdad, Dubai, and Kabul.
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