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The flag of Tajikistan was officially adopted on November 24, 1992. The flag of Tajikistan comprises of three horizontal stripes. The top stripe on the flag of Tajikistan is red in color, the middle stripe is white and the bottom stripe is green in color. The white stripe of the Tajikistan flag is double in size, in comparison to the others. In the middle of the white stripe, there is a yellow crown with seven, five-point stars over its top. The red stripe of this flag stands for Tajikistan's independence and the land itself. The white color represents the country's purity and the cotton industry. The green represents Tajikistan's agriculture. The crown and stars are symbolic to Tajik sovereignty, the union of workers and the unity of Tajikistan's social classes.

Official Name: Jumkhurii Tojikiston

Capital: Dushanbe

Location: In Central Asia between 39 40 N and 36 40 N latitude and 67 20 E and 75 E longitude north of the Oxus (Amu Darya)

Area: 143, 100 sq. km.

Official Languages: Tadzhik (an Iranian Language akin to Persian)

National Flag: 3 horizontal stripes of red white and green in the proportions 1 : 2 : 1 in the center a gold crown under an arc of 7 stars.

Flag Ratio: 1:2

National Anthem: Surudi Milli
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