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UB Post
Mongol News Media Group
Mongol News Media Group is Mongolia's first independent media group, which is owned and operated by Tserendorjiin BALDORJ. It was established in 1996. The group have broadened its media network and became the leading national mass media market in Mongolia.

The network includes national daily newspaper Onoodor; sports weekly newspaper Tavan Tsagarig (The Five Rings); Nyam Garig (Sunday); The UB Post; Channel 25 TV station; and ABM Co., a printing press distributor.

The group's administration has been following modern management procedures to improve the quality of the news. Mongol News Group is also leading the country's advertisement markets. Its nationwide daily and weekly color publications have played a major role in the development of the nation's advertisement market. The number of advertisement subscriptions is growing.

Journalists of the Group have won the greatest number of awards in Mongolia's media sector, including best photojournalists and columnists as The UB Post's Editor-in-Chief was named as Best Editor in Chief of Newspaper in 2000 by the Mongolian Free Democratic Journalists' Association. And, Tavan Tsagarig was named as the best weekly newspaper by the Press Institute of Mongolia in 2003.

All information prepared at the Group are available on the Internet web site at http://www.mongolnews.mn. The web site was launched in 2001 and has won many Internet awards since then. The web site hosts interactive feedback from its readers living abroad through comments, discussions and guest books.

Where are we located? Click here to download Google Earth UB Post file.

The UB PostThe UB Post is Mongolia's only independent English weekly newspaper, founded in May 1996, is one of two English weeklies in Mongolia, the other being run by the Government's press agency. There are no daily English newspapers in Mongolia. The UB Post publishes news and information about a rapidly changing and developing Mongolia, with ever-expanding foreign relations; a country on the way to a stronger democracy.

The newspaper has a team of Mongolian journalists and researchers, Mongolian and English editors and a graphic-designer.

A total of 120 workers including journalists and technical staff are working at the Mongol News Group. 98 percent of the workers are highly qualified. Technical reforms at the affiliate departments of the Group are continually enacted as needed. The Group has the most modern digital photo equipment and design studios, and color printing shops. This enables the news products to be sent to their audiences in a timely fashion.

Mongol News Info Center

The Information Center, opened in 2004, has over 60 seats. The center is furnished with up-to-date technology for holding press conferences, training seminars, meetings, and forums. The center features a unique library of a wide range of books including "World Book" volumes.

Daughter companies

Mongol News Labour LLC - manpower dispatch agency
ABM LLC - Press distribution and sales
MN Duty Free LLC - Duty free network
Altan Togrog Non-banking Financial Institution

The Group's daughter company, ABM, operates immediate press delivery service for the newspapers. This enables the news products to reach their subscribers without delay.

Mongol News's invested companies

Ulaanbaatar Hotel - Joint stock company. Mongol News Media Group holds the most of the shares of Ulaanbaatar Hotel, four-star hotel in the capital city.
CAC Mongolia LLC - Mongolia-Japanese joint tourism company.
King Palace LLC - Mongolia-Chinese joint construction company.
24 Hour - Supermarket, and Retail and Wholesale Trading Center

Telephone hotline

Moreover, a telephone hotline "1619", operating since 2001, has the largest-ever database of regular updates for everyday-useful information, including flight and train timetables, exchanges rates, and commodity prices. The hotline receives classified advertisements by telephone to be printed on the newspaper.
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