Wataniya Kuwait
Wataniya Telecom was commercially launched in 1999 as the first privately owned operator in Kuwait. In March 2007, Qatar Telecom (Qtel) acquired 51% of Wataniya Telecom shares from Kuwait Projects Company Holding KSC (KIPCO) group. Wataniya is a customer driven company that aims to provide product and service excellence that is leading to a real customer value. The company has been a driving force in increasing the mobile market penetration in Kuwait (over 93%). Wataniya Telecom has grown rapidly through acquisitions and enjoys a remarkable expansion in MENA & ASIA. Driving operations in Kuwait, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria and later in 2007 in Palestine.

About Qatar Telecom

(Qtel) is the exclusive telecommunications provider in Qatar. Its principal activities include local and international fixed telephone, mobile, Internet, data and cable television services. Qtel is committed to growing its presence in the Middle East and internationally and with Wataniya Telecom and its operations in the MENA region, Qtel is now active in 10 countries including Qatar, Oman, Singapore and Indonesia. In November 2006, Qtel acquired a strategic 38% equity stake with AT&T in NavLink, a leading provider of Managed Data Services to businesses in the Middle East. Qtel is a winner of the 2006 GCC Economic Award, and is listed on the Doha Securities Market and on other stock exchanges in the GCC.
murtaza goriya says: 2009-05-27 05:24:20
wataniya simcard is good network is also good but there is problem in cost cost si to high

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