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The Costa Rica Flag was officially adopted on 29 September, 1848. The flag of Costa Rica was designed based on the ideals of the French Revolution and the colors of the French National Flag. The Costa Rica flag has five horizontal stripes- the red one is 2/6 of the whole width. The blue color Costa Rica flag picture represents the sky, ample opportunities, intellectual thinking, eternity, infinite and religious ideals and spiritual desires. White symbolizes happiness, wisdom, power and beauty of the sky, clear thinking, driving force of initiatives and the peace of Costa Rica. Red stands for the warmth of the people, their bloodshed for freedom, generous attitude and vibrancy. Costa Rica's coat of arms is found on the red line and the three volcanoes of the country are featured in it.

Official Name: Republica de Costa Rica

Capital: San Jose de Costa Rica

Location : Central America between the Carinbbean and the Pacific bordered by Nicaragua and panama National territory includes the Isla del Coco in the pacific.

Area: 51,100 Sq. km.

Official Language: Spanish

National Flag : Five unequal stripes of blue white red white blue with the national arms on a white disc near the hoist.

Flag Ratio : 3:5

National Anthem : Himno Nacional National Hymn (1853)
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