Nature Air
Corporate and Social Responsibility

NatureAir has grown with incredible speed and success since it was launched with just one aircraft in 2000. This expansion was achieved through the dedication, enthusiasm and loyalty of NatureAir staff and a commitment to innovation and excellent customer service.

As a company we recognize that the only way to maintain this level of growth is through sustainable development, involving all aspects of the airline - from the criteria we use for choosing the aircraft in our fleet to the way we train and retain our staff.

We have come to appreciate how much sustainable economic development has been a key part of our strategy. Since the start, NatureAir has been at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly initiatives, such as offering free flights to the country's
park rangers and employees of the park system.

Our social and environmental commitments are constantly improving and changing, we know that we can always do better and so here are just a few examples of our programs today and what we hope to accomplish in the future.

NatureKids - A non-profit organization stared by NatureAir in 2002, which teaches low income children English reading and writing skills.

The program has grown from a one room class room in San Jose to several locations throughout Costa Rica and with classes for entire families, from children to grandparents.

The program is also initiating efforts to clean up water in smaller communities and collect and recycle garbage. Environmental lessons are given to the children to help install a sustainable practices foundation in the younger generations.

Aircraft Noise - the current NatureAir fleet has been specifically chosen with among other benefits, their low noise level. Our destinations are some of the world's most diverse and biologically rich ecosystems existing, our aircrafts are offer superior function with very low noise perfect for the environmental conditions we fly in.

Carbon Emissions Program - By name and by nature, NatureAir is committed to being the world's first and only zero emissions airline. As airlines and their engines are a source of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, we have implemented a year long analysis of our carbon emissions for each route and aircraft. NatureAir has chosen two sustainable programs in Costa Rica which provide clean energy through solar and wind farms; by January 2006 we plan to offer a completely zero emission flight for all our passengers.

Crew bus

NatureAir operates a regular bus service for flight crew, as well as other staff. This reduces the number of single occupancy car journeys by NatureAir staff.

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